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Microsoft’s C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code reaches GA

C# Dev Kit, a Visual Studio Code extension for “editor first” C# development, has reached general availability, Microsoft announced on October 4.

The extension leverages C# language services and helps developers manage and test their C# code. An integrated solution explorer handles project management chores, while tests in XUnit, NUmit, and bUnit will be discovered and organized for fast execution and results navigation, Microsoft sald. C# Dev Kit also makes VS Code’s Command Palette testing commands available for debugging and running tests.

Auto-installed as part of C# Dev Kit is the IntelliCode for C# Dev Kit extension, which enhances AI-assisted support beyond basic IntelliSense code completion. IntelliCode features include whole-line completions and starred suggestions based on a developer’s personal codebase. But IntelliCode for C# Dev Kit is an optional dependency, meaning C# Dev Kit will remain fully functional even if the IntelliCode extension fails to install.

Accessible from the Visual Studio Marketplace, the C# Dev Kit works with Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The .NET SDK is required. Roughly 350 issues have been addressed during the preview phase, with enhancements made ranging from quality improvements to scenario clarifications. Moving forward, Microsoft anticipates improving performance in the extension and adding features to support C# development, with monthly updates.

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