Artificial Intelligence

Meta set to alter labels for AI-generated images

Meta announced earlier this week it would change its wording regarding artificial intelligence, following complaints made by photographers who discovered their photos had received the “Made with AI” label.

Meta introduced the “Made with AI” labels earlier this year, following a review of Meta’s policy by the Federal Communications Commission. The commission found that artificial intelligence images could not be distinguished from authentic images.

Images mistakenly labeled as AI-generated

Photographers discovered that authentic photos were mistakenly labeled as AI-generated. An examination conducted by Meta showed that such marking was given to images that had undergone manipulations, such as retouching using various AI tools. Meta’s computer systems recognized that an authentic image had been manipulated, and affixed AI labels, which led to complaints from photographers.

Former White House photographer Pete Souza was among those who complained, stating one of his photos had been tagged with the artificial intelligence label. He thus raised the suspicion that graphic processing performed via Adobe Photoshop software caused Meta’s algorithm to add the tag.

Pete Souza. His image was discovered to be AI-generated. (credit: JASON REED/REUTERS)

This week, Meta announced that it had corrected the label that will be added to images that are identified as created with artificial intelligence. An “AI info” inscription will allow users to click for more information. Once this is achieved, text will appear indicating that meta may add the label when content is being shared which has been recognized by the system as containing artificial intelligence.


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