MariMed’s Betty’s Eddies™ Hit Decade Milestone

MariMed’s Betty’s Eddies™ reached their decade milestone of being in operation and serving consumers.

In a recent press release, MariMed’s Betty’s Eddies™ hit their decade milestone of being in operation (1). MariMed is a multi-state cannabis operator (MSO) who contains a variety of cannabis products and services in the portfolio such as, Betty’s Eddies™, which has sold around 35 million Betty’s Eddis fruit chews in six states, as well as Puerto Rico, since 2014 (1). The Betty’s Eddies™ brand created a new product to celebrate their 10-year anniversary called Betty’s Bubbly (1). This new edible chew product will be flavored to taste like sparkling champagne and will be offered for a limited time.

Betty’s Bubbly can be found at MariMed’s six dispensaries that they own and operate and among various cannabis businesses located in Delaware, Massachusetts, and Maryland. The sparkling champagne flavored cannabis chewable contains full-spectrum cannabis and Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) (1). Betty Eddies products are usually produced in small amounts and created with organic vegetables and fruits.

“Ten years as a successful cannabis brand is a rare milestone in this industry and we’re so thankful to have made such an impact on patients and customers alike,” Sara Rosenfeld, Brand Director for Betty’s Eddies at MariMed, commented (1). “Betty’s Bubbly is our way of celebrating the brand’s 10th anniversary in style with new and old Betty’s Eddies fans.”

In 2017, MariMed acquired Betty’s Eddies which was first started in 2014 by the current MariMed senior executives, Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Crandall and Chief Operating Officer Tim Shaw, along with their friend Sean Crowley (1).

“When Tim, Sean, and I shared early versions of Betty’s Eddies with our friends and family, we knew we’d hit a home run in terms of taste, consistency, and effectiveness,” Ryan Crandall mentioned (1). “We had no idea just how big the brand would become. It’s been fun to watch the brand grow and expand into new markets. We’re especially proud that Betty’s Eddies has helped alleviate a variety of health and wellness issues for so many customers and medical cannabis patients.”

Betty’s Bubbly chews join the company’s cannabis product line-up with their unique flavor.


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