Major luxury car brand has become ‘virtually uninsurable’ with ‘ridiculous issues’ costing owners thousands

CARS from a major luxury brand have become “virtually uninsurable” due to “ridiculous issues”, it has been claimed.

The manufacturer is popular among many of Britain’s wealthiest, but a spate of thefts and technical issues have seen sales plummet.

A former copper has claimed Range Rovers are becoming 'uninsurable'


A former copper has claimed Range Rovers are becoming ‘uninsurable’Credit: Getty

Range Rovers saw thefts spike by almost 50% in 2022 compared to the previous year according to DVLA data, leaving many insurance providers wary of covering them.

Many have been linked to so-called relay devices, which can intercept the signal from electronic fobs and mimic it, as good as handing crooks the keys yourself.

An anonymous source described as a “former policeman from one of the UK’s biggest car crime squads” told The Telegraph that Range Rovers in particular have struggled with new tech-savvy criminal methods.

They said: “They’ve become uninsurable.

Land Rover [the manufacturer behind the Range Rover model] spent over £10 million on updating its keyless unlocking systems a few years ago and for just about three months their vehicles were impregnable until the gangs worked out how to get past it all.

“If they want it, whatever it is, they will take it.”

All this has led to Land Rover, offering its customers insurance deals through its own scheme rather than leaving them to try and find cover among standard providers.

Mr X, a London-based barrister who had his Range Rover stolen, added: “No one seemed at all surprised when the original was stolen.

“I told the police it was a V8 and they asked where I lived.

“When I said Westminster they weren’t surprised. Neither was the insurance company.

“It was when I found another V8 to buy that I realised why. The insurance quote was £26,000.”

He went on to slam the apparent risk for Range Rovers as “ridiculous” and said thefts were becoming an “epidemic”.

As for what drivers can do to prevent theirs from falling victim to criminal gangs, the ex-copper recommended a “big yellow steering lock” as an old-school way to secure your motor.

Land Rover has been contacted for comment.


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