Lu Lu’s Visions is a Brockton party catering business

BROCKTON – Planning an extravagant party may be challenging, but one local woman has made this process easier with her catering and decorating business, Lu Lu’s Visions.

It was in 2023 when Maria Evora launched Lu Lu’s Visions after decorating for a friend’s party. Everyone was in awe once Evora brought out the appetizers, desserts, and cocktails.

Evora has always had an eye for creativity. It is a way for her to escape her current reality and ascend into a fantasy world she creates in her mind.

“I have no idea where I get my creativity from. It just comes from inside of me. I just think about something, and the vision comes to me right away,” Evora said.

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The business opened in February 2023, and the caterer has been booked every weekend since last year.

Potential customers can set up a consultation with Evora by messaging her on Instagram.

Lu Lu’s Visions is a business that is always on Evora’s mind.

“I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant and make delicious and beautiful plates and cocktails for people,” Evora said.

The business specializes in making seafood dishes, appetizers, and cocktails but also has an extensive menu for clients to pick their favorites.

What’s on the menu?

You can indulge in seafood, rice, shrimp in broth, bacalao with nata (codfish casserole), salmon with nata, chicken wings, BBQ ribs, chicken alfredo, shrimp alfredo, lasagna, roasted potatoes, sauteed vegetables, and salad.

Not only does the business cater dinner, but it also has a brunch menu with sliders and wraps, lobster omelet, crab quiche, salmon bruschetta, home fries, and pitchers of cocktails.

Lu Lu’s Visions is Evora’s passion project as she works full-time and takes care of her husband, daughter, and grandchild.

“I love what I do, and I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. I would advise the next person to always chase your dream; nothing can stop you. It took me a long time to show people what I can do, and I’ll never stop chasing my dreams,” Evora said.

As for the future of Lu Lu’s Visions, Evora hopes to expand the business and grow a large team to service more people in the Brockton area. Evora is originally from Cape Verde and moved to the USA many years ago for a better life.

To book Lu Lu’s Visions or learn more about the business, direct message their business page @lulusvisions on Instagram.

Staff reporter Alisha Saint-Ciel can be reached at stciela@gannett.com.


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