Lego’s 3,745-piece D&D set comes with its own playable adventure

Grab your dice and get ready to (literally) assemble your adventuring party next month — Lego has finally unveiled the 3,745-piece Dungeons & Dragons set it co-developed with Wizards of the Coast as the tabletop roleplaying game celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The $360 set, called “Red Dragon’s Tale,” was inspired by Lucas Bolt’s fan design, “Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End,” and retains many of the same features. There’s a tower, a bridge, a tavern with a removable roof, and yes — both a dungeon and a dragon.

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Image: Lego

Lego also included six minifig adventurers for the big red lad — “Cinderhowl” — to terrorize: an orc rogue, elf wizard, dwarf cleric, gnome fighter, Dragonborn bard, and a human with an anime-protagonist haircut.

I spy with many, many eyes, a beholder in this lineup that I can use in my next campaign.
Image: Lego

The owlbear and displacer beast are a little less fearsome in their brick forms.
Image: Lego

The set also comes with some other iconic D&D monsters. Some, like the skeleton mob and the two myconids (mushroom people, basically), look like minifigs. Others, like the owl bear, displacer beast, beholder, and gelatinous cube, are brick-built, with the latter letting you encase at least part of a victim inside a not-so-gooey prison.

Whomst among us hasn’t lost a character to a gelatinous cube encounter?
Image: Lego

The set itself has all sorts of nooks for your minifig players to explore – perfect for an ambush.
Image: Lego

What I like best is that these figurines can serve an additional purpose: Lego is also releasing an adventure book that you can play along with using the set. The book will be available to Lego Insiders from April 1st as a physical paperback or a free digital download and will also be available on D&D Beyond alongside character sheets and digital dice.

You can find the assets for the Lego D&D adventure book on DND Beyond.
Image: Lego

Don’t forget to pop them into the tavern after a hard session of dungeon clearing.
Image: Lego

And hey, if you don’t care for the book, you can always use the set and minifigs in your own homebrew campaign.

The free mimic dice box is the perfect prison for any dice that disappoint you one too many times.
Image: Lego

Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale will be available on April 1st for Lego Insiders and for everyone else on April 4th. If you order between April 1st and 7th, you also receive a Lego mimic dice box to store all your shiny math rocks in.


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