Julia Hart Pays No Mind to Internet Critics

Julia Hart has made it clear that she doesn’t pay much attention to criticism from internet fans. Despite being a breakout star in 2023 and becoming the youngest champion in AEW history by winning the TBS title, she remains focused on her own opinions and the feedback of her boss, Tony Khan.

During a post-show press conference following her successful title defense against Abadon at the Worlds End PPV, Hart was asked about how she handles criticism online. She responded by emphasizing that the only opinions that matter to her are her own and Tony Khan’s:

“When it comes to the internet, it’s different because at the end of the day, the only person’s opinion that matters is Tony and myself. So whatever, the internet’s always going to have an opinion on you. It’s going to be negative, it’s going to be positive.”

Hart continued by acknowledging that fans will always have their opinions, but she doesn’t let them affect her:

“They can think whatever they want because I also remember being a fan, and I thought I knew everything as well. A fan doesn’t know everything. What I do know, Tony is my boss, and if he says I do a good job, I believe him. If I tell myself I do a good job, that’s all that matters. The fans, they can say whatever they want.”

Julia Hart’s confidence and focus on her own judgment and that of her boss reflect her determination and commitment to her career in AEW. As she continues to defend her title and face new challenges in 2024, she remains unshaken by online opinions.

How do you think AEW star Julia Hart’s approach to handling online criticism differs from other wrestlers, and do you believe this mindset will continue to serve her well in her career? Share your thoughts in the comments!

December 31, 2023 9:52 am


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