JetBrains unveils CI/CD service for smaller teams

JetBrains has launched a public beta version of TeamCity Pipelines, a cloud-based CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) service for small and medium-sized software engineering teams.

Unveiled March 18, TeamCity Pipelines is intended to enable small development teams to automate the process of integrating code changes, testing them, and delivering an application. JetBrains said the goal was to provide an intuitive platform for running devops pipelines with minimum complexity. The combination of a user-friendly UX with intelligence and optimization features for small teams minimize disruptions for developers, the company said.

With the public beta, TeamCity Pipelines provides features for building generic pipelines. Features include a visual pipeline editor, intelligent configuration assistance, and built-in pipeline optimizations. TeamCity Pipelines supports YAML files for configuring pipelines as code and ensuring compatibility with industry standards, JetBrains said.

TeamCity Pipelines is built on top of the TeamCity CI/CD software platform. Plans call for TeamCity Pipelines to soon introduce a built-in integration with JetBrains IDEs. The integration will enable developers to create and debug CI/CD pipelines directly from their IDE. Further, by gaining full knowledge of the project through the IDE, TeamCity Pipelines will be able to provide more optimizations to CI/CD workflows, JetBrains said.

The release of TeamCity Pipelines follows just a couple weeks after JetBrains released fixes for vulnerabilities in TeamCity reported by cybersecurity company Rapid7.

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