Jamf brings powerful new compliance tools to Apple IT – Computerworld

This extends to Apple Watch also, which is why Jamf now supports device management of that device. “We have seen some very clever solutions developed around the Apple Watch, with industries like aviation and medicine truly treating the device like a wearable computer instead of a timepiece,” Covington said. “Businesses that want to deploy the Apple Watch at scale will need management to do so. Jamf’s implementation is built on modern Declarative Device Management workflows and includes the ability for applications to utilize a secure enterprise VPN to access rich datasets.”

Covington confirmed his company is seeing its business clients begin to explore the potential of Vision Pro. He pointed to several industries — medical, education, field service and maintenance — already known to be using the device, saying:

“The key to extracting maximum value from a device like the Vision Pro is to develop a transformational application for the business, which typically requires secure access to critical enterprise data. As new applications are developed and tested, organizations are finding that they must manage and secure these new devices just like every sanctioned device in the business.”

Apple in the enterprise

It’s always good to get a reality check from Jamf concerning Apple’s enterprise markets. On the back of its success in mobile products and growing support for employee choice schemes, the company has done a great job of building a bridgehead into the industry, supported by third parties such as Jamf.

“Apple has made some tremendous strides in the enterprise over the past several years,” said Covington. “Their strength was initially in mobility, with businesses choosing the iPhone to enable a mobile workforce. But that position has expanded to both line of business solutions (often build around iPad) and to primary compute (with the MacBook becoming a de facto device choice for many users).”

The result (as regular readers may already recognize) is that, “Apple’s devices are no longer for niche use cases or hyper-specific user groups. They are now used to empower work in all corners of the business. With the recent introduction of enterprise support on both Apple Watch and the Vision Pro, it will be interesting to see what new enterprise use cases emerge for Apple to tackle in the future.”


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