iPhone user? Cyberstalkers using Windows 11 tool to spy on you

iPhones are known for their excellent security and privacy features. And, looking at the popularity of iPhones worldwide, Microsoft strengthened the Apple connection with Windows laptops or desktops by releasing a Phone Link app for Windows 11. It helps iPhone users to make calls from a Windows laptop, use iMessages, and even check notifications without actually handling the iPhone. However, shockingly, fraudsters have found a loophole in this feature to target iPhone users and spy on them.

This cyber threat has been revealed by the cybersecurity firm Certo, which says that several users have reported that cyberstalkers have been using Phone Link to spy on their iPhones. The report reveals that cyberstalkers can secretly spy on iMessages, send iMessages to contacts, check call history, make calls, and view the contents of all notifications without the victim’s knowledge by setting up a Phone Link on Windows PC that is linked with an iPhone when they have physical access to the victim’s iPhone.

Even if your iPhone has settings to hide notification contents until unlocked, Phone Link can still reveal these contents, allowing for potential spying on private information like WhatsApp messages or notifications from banking apps. The most worrying part is that iPhone users don’t even know if a cyberstalker is spying on their iMessages and notifications from other apps.

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Thankfully, there are some ways to keep yourself protected from the threat of online spying by cyberstalkers.

How to restrict spying on you via Phone Link

  • Just go to your settings app and tap on My Devices under Bluetooth.
  • Now, check for any devices you do not recognize.
  • Specifically, look for any device that has the option ‘Show Notifications’ or ‘Share System Notifications’ enabled.
  • If you find some suspicious device, then tap Forget This Device to unpair it from your iPhone.
  • The best way to avoid any spying on your iPhone data is to turn off your Bluetooth if you do not use it.
  • Also, the cybersecurity firm suggests that you must set an unlock passcode for your iPhone to avoid anyone from accessing your device in order to set up Phone Link in the future.


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