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iPhone SE 4 Set to Revolutionize the Budget Smartphone Market in 2025 with OLED Technology from iPhone 14

Apple is gearing up to launch the next iteration of its most affordable iPhone line, the iPhone SE 4, in 2025. This upcoming model is rumored to feature significant upgrades, including an OLED screen borrowed from the iPhone 14, marking a pivotal shift in Apple’s approach to its budget-friendly smartphone range.

Key Highlights:

  • The iPhone SE 4 is expected to sport a 6.1-inch OLED display, aligning its design more closely with the iPhone 14.
  • A shift to OLED technology will bring enhanced display qualities, including better contrast ratios and improved color accuracy, to the iPhone SE lineup.
  • The device is anticipated to incorporate an in-house 5G modem, supporting faster connectivity options.
  • Despite efforts, the launch has been delayed to 2025 due to production challenges, particularly with securing an economical OLED panel suitable for the SE model.


In the competitive sphere of smartphones, the introduction of OLED screens to the iPhone SE series represents a significant leap forward. This transition not only signifies Apple‘s commitment to providing high-quality display technology across its product lineup but also sets a new standard for budget smartphones. The decision to use OLED screens from the iPhone 14 in the upcoming iPhone SE 4 underscores Apple’s strategy to repurpose advanced technologies for its more economically priced models, ensuring that cost-effective options do not lag in terms of display quality.

However, the journey to this upgrade has not been without its hurdles. Reports from industry insiders reveal that Apple has faced challenges in securing cost-effective OLED panels. The main issue revolves around finding a balance between the high quality associated with Apple’s products and the need to keep the iPhone SE 4 affordable. Suppliers like BOE have been in the running to produce these lower-cost OLED panels, despite the interest from giants like Samsung and LG being tepid due to the less lucrative nature of the venture. This procurement challenge has contributed to the pushback of the iPhone SE 4’s launch to 2025.

Moreover, the iPhone SE 4’s design is rumored to closely mimic that of the iPhone 14, featuring a similar size and aesthetic, including a reduced notch. This design choice not only modernizes the SE lineup but also harmonizes it with the current iPhone offerings, providing users with a seamless Apple ecosystem experience. Despite this significant upgrade, questions remain about whether the iPhone SE 4 will adopt other advanced features, such as the dual-system camera module or under-display Face ID technology, which are expected to debut in later iPhone models.

As we look toward the iPhone SE 4’s expected launch in 2025, the anticipation builds for a device that promises to blend affordability with high-end technology. The integration of OLED screens from the iPhone 14 is a clear indication of Apple’s dedication to enhancing the user experience across all price points, a move that could redefine consumer expectations for budget smartphones.

The introduction of the iPhone SE 4 could have a significant impact on the budget smartphone market. By offering high-end features like OLED display technology at a more accessible price, Apple could set a new benchmark for what consumers expect from budget-friendly smartphones. This move could also intensify competition among manufacturers to offer premium features in their more affordable models.

As Apple continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible within each segment of its product lineup, the anticipation for the iPhone SE 4 reflects consumer desire for a balance between affordability and high-quality technology. The decision to incorporate OLED screens from the iPhone 14 into the SE 4 is a testament to Apple’s commitment to this balance, potentially influencing future trends in the smartphone industry.


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