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iPhone owner? You need this MagSafe accessory (it’s 50% off)

Two people using the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery.

After buying from iPhone deals, your next purchases should be on accessories for your new phone. If your iPhone comes with MagSafe technology, then you should consider going for the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery, which is on sale from Amazon at 50% off. From its original price of $70, it’s down to just $35, which is a steal price considering the convenience that you’ll get from this accessory. You need to hurry though — we’re not sure if the $35 in savings will still be available if you delay your transaction to tomorrow.

Why you should buy the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

The Anker 622 Magnetic Battery, which comes with a capacity of 5,000 mAh, uses Apple’s MagSafe technology that was launched along with the iPhone 12 series. The magnets at the back of the iPhone allow you to securely attach different kinds of MagSafe accessories, including battery packs like the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery. Because it will always be perfectly aligned, it will provide efficient wireless charging to your iPhone. Anker’s MiniCell technology reduces the size of the battery pack so it will be easier to carry with you, either in your bag or attached to your iPhone.

The built-in kickstand of the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery will allow you to keep your iPhone upright while it’s charging, for purposes such as scrolling through social media or making FaceTime calls. When the battery pack needs recharging, you can do so through its USB-C port, which will take about two hours for a full charge. The Anker 622 Magnetic Battery uses also Anker’s MultiProtect safety technology, which will make sure that your iPhone will be protected from any unwanted incidents.

For owners of iPhones with MagSafe technology, the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery is close to a must-buy, especially now that it’s on sale for half-price from Amazon. It’s available for only $35 instead of $70, in a deal that’s only going to be available for a limited time. Before the offer expires and you lose your chance at the savings of $35, it’s highly recommended that you proceed with the purchase as soon as you can. You may regret it if you’re not able to buy the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery for this cheap.

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