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iPhone 15 series tipped to launch as world-first dual-processor Apple flagship smartphones

Could an iPhone have more silicon in 2023? (Source: Apple)
Could an iPhone have more silicon in 2023? (Source: Apple)

Android smartphone OEMs have led the way in terms of the “co-processor”, a secondary, custom chipset touted to augment the power and performance of the main, often premium, SoC in question by taking some tasks and functions off its hands. Now, Apple is allegedly ready to unleash its answer in the next-gen iPhone 15 series. A new leak outlines the Cupertino giant’s plans to outdo its rivals with this new addition to the main A17 Bionic platform in 2023.

Apple is almost certain to tout the 15 series as the most advanced iPhones ever later this year – however, the hype might take on a whole new meaning in 2023, should the devices really launch with first-gen solid-state ‘Taptic Buttons‘ – which may even supplant the mute switch as the newest and potentially most shiny form of smartphone control around – as currently rumored.

Most interesting, however, is how Apple allegedly plans to allow this new kind of ‘e-button’ to remain useful when the iPhone is powered off. The OEM is apparently finally responding to certain Android OEMs with the integration of its first ever co-processor (or “micro-processor“) that should keep some functions going on extremely low or even no power.

They are believed to include utilities like NFC, “LE Bluetooth and LE-UW” (which might mean the new iPhone in question can still work on Find My, Apple Pay or HomeKit networks even when it has absolutely no battery) as well as those supposed solid-state buttons.

All of these new features are thought to be found in iOS 17 – albeit possibly for the “Pro model” iPhone 15 variants only, leaving the 14 and 14 Plus’ successors out of the most cutting-edge uprades yet again.

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