Introducing the ScaleUp Startups Program at Disrupt 2024 for Series A to B startups

Tailored specifically for startups in Series A to B funding stages with $35 million or less in funding, this program offers unparalleled access to 10,000 tech leaders, invaluable networking opportunities with investors, and exclusive sessions focused on scaling strategies — all without the hefty sponsor exhibitor fees. As a ScaleUp exhibitor, you’ll have the chance to showcase your company on the Disrupt expo floor for one dynamic day, along with receiving four startup passes for your team to fully immerse themselves in the conference experience. Seize this opportunity to propel your startup’s growth — get your package here!

Showcase your innovation on the Expo Floor

Secure prime space on the Disrupt Expo Floor for a full day and shine the spotlight on your company for 10,000 tech leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs. This is your chance to captivate the audience with your groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions.

Maximize your team’s impact at Disrupt

With four conference passes included, ScaleUp Startup Exhibitors can make the most of all three days of the event. Take advantage of extensive networking opportunities, attend insightful sessions, and promote your startup to a diverse audience. Empower your team to engage with industry leaders and forge valuable connections that could fuel your company’s growth.

Get eyes on your startup

ScaleUp Startup Exhibitors will enjoy prominent visibility on the Disrupt website, exhibitor lists, and event app. Your startup will be prominently featured, ensuring that attendees and potential investors can easily discover and learn about your company. Additionally, exhibitors will have access to the press list, enhancing your exposure and amplifying your brand’s reach.

What comes with the package?

  • One 6’ x 30″ table, one table linen, and two chairs.
  • One day to exhibit. Date is decided by the TechCrunch team.
  • One 11” x 14” tabletop sign with startup logo.
  • Access to lead generation provided.
  • Access to complimentary partner Wi-Fi network.
  • Logo and company profile in the TechCrunch Disrupt mobile app.
  • Access to the TechCrunch Disrupt press list.
  • 10 Expo+ passes.
  • 4 startup exhibit team-member passes.

How much does it cost?

Upon intent to participate, the ScaleUp Exhibitor Packages are $3,500 and, if your startup is accepted, that fee is non-refundable. If your startup is rejected, the fee is fully refundable.

Is this different than Startup Battlefield 200?

Yes, Startup Battlefield 200 is a program specifically for pre-series A, bootstrapped startups and is free to apply. The ScaleUp Startups Exhibitor Program is for Series A to B startups with $35 million or less in funding and costs $3,500 to participate if accepted.

Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your startup’s trajectory and position your company for success. Book your package now to become a ScaleUp Startup Exhibitor at Disrupt and unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth and visibility.


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