Insurance exec says AI nearly perfect when processing tens of thousands of documents – Computerworld

“Initial accuracy rates were staggeringly high, and they have proven to be incredibly useful for our claims management teams. In the past, tech tools ‘out of the box’ have not been this effective. That initial success highlights the rapid innovation, which will continue, of artificial intelligence right now and the current and potential use-cases for it across business models and operations.”

What’s the next step in your genAI journey? Will you be instituting a larger rollout, or are you considering other areas of the business for its use and, if so, what are they? “The next steps … involve a focus on transforming workflows through the combination of new tech tools, along with data science, decision engines, and dynamic API outreaches. This combination of tools into a new platform will enable low-touch automation on simple claims like never before. Our operational model and understanding of the industry climate has already set the stage for our ‘must haves.’ We understand that better than anybody out there. 

“However, our latest genAI release lets us recognize, ‘OK, we just learned this from new data or supporting documents. What does that mean to the claim?’ That’s where data science steps in: through our years of best-in-class operations and collaboration with clients, we have a data set that lets us know what happens next. Taking the information that we learned from generative AI, and combining that then with the analytical AI of predictive modeling, we can drive the advancement of a claim and provide prescriptive recommendations to our claims examiners. 


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