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Innokin Trine Review: Removable Battery and EcoDrain Tech!

The Innokin Trine comes with two pods in the box, and there is one more available as a separate purchase:

  • 0.6-ohm Vcap pod (2 mL, best 20-22 watts) – included
  • 0.8-ohm Vcap pod (2 mL, best 12-14 watts) – included
  • 1.2-ohm Vcap pod (2 mL, best 11-12 watts) – available

Innokin’s recommended wattages are generally on point, and I liked these pods at around the maximum recommended wattage.

The 0.6-ohm pods can be used for MTL vaping, but they perform best in RDL at 21-22 watts with the airflow all the way open. I feared the mouthpiece would get hot at 22 watts, but it didn’t. It’s a solid RDL vape for mid-strength ejuices. Using the 7 mg juice I am vaping on the Zlide tank almost made me cough, so I ended up vaping 3 mg freebase and a bit of 10 mg salts on it. If you enjoy RDL in low wattages, it’s a solid pod.

The 0.8-ohm pods are your standard MTL pods. They’re not the most flavorful pods out there, but I did get them to pop a bit more by raising the wattage to 15 and having the airflow around one-third open. This also eliminated the buzzing sound it produced at the recommended wattages. It’s a good pod, but it’s probably my least favorite of the three.

Which brings me to my favorite of the group, the 1.2-ohm pod. That’s an excellent MTL pod for mid-strength nicotine salt juice. I used it with the 20 mg DELICIU ejuices and loved how smoothly it vaped and how clean everything tasted. It even seemed to smoothen the menthol hit a bit, which I really appreciated. I’d probably raise the nic level even more if I had any 30 mg juices lying around, but I ended up raising the wattage to 13 and using it with the airflow around a quarter open instead.

I’ve been using these pods daily for more than two weeks now, so coil life seems to be pretty long. It’s hard to keep track of refills when testing three pods, but if I notice anything alarming regarding coil life, I’ll report back.


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