Indie VR Hit ‘Gorilla Tag’ Becomes First Quest Title to Top 100K Reviews

In terms of reviews and revenue generated, Gorilla Tag  is by far one of the most successful games on the Quest platform. Now it’s the first to top 100,000 user reviews.

As first reported by Mixed, the humble game of tag first topped 100K last month, putting it around 102,500 reviews at the time of this writing.

While impressive, this alone doesn’t make it the most-reviewed game on Quest: it garnered that particular achievement the day it came out of App Lab and launched on the main store back in December 2020. Back then, it had already surpassed leaders Beat Saber and social VR platform Rec Room at a whopping 46,000 reviews. Now, runner-up Beat Saber sits at just north of 50,000 reviews.

Another Axiom, the indie team behind Quest’s most popular game, revealed last year they had generated over $26 million with the primate-centric game of tag, which is free on Quest.

While a paid game on Steam, a lion’s share of that revenue was undoubtedly from in-app purchases through Quest, underlining just how much players resonated with the various skins and accessories that can be purchased with the suitably silly ‘shiny rocks’ in-game currency—not to mention the game’s unique locomotion style, which requires you to push your hands around like a walking gorilla.


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