I would sell my soul and all my earthly possessions for one card in Pokémon’s upcoming TCG set, Paldean Fates

For those of you who haven’t been sitting on the edge of your seat since late October eagerly awaiting the arrival of the following Pokémon TCG set, Paldean Fates, this next installment is an incredibly special expansion releasing today on January 26, 2024. If you’re not already, then you ought to be looking forward to it.

Each year, The Pokémon Company releases a ‘shiny’ set. Like the previous collections of Shining Fates and Hidden Fates, these ‘shiny’ sets include re-prints of standout cards from the previous years and a higher number of secret rares than usual. Paldean Fates is similar to the GX Ultra Shiny and Shiny Star V installments, as it will focus primarily on secret rare shiny cards. So far, we’ve seen shiny versions of Mew, Shinx, Luxio, Luxray, and Gardivoir, but there should be more cards for fans to discover once the set releases. 


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