I tested £1.60 gadget to banish damp & it ‘changed the game’ – it got rid of mould from spots I couldn’t even see

TIKTOKER Carly is thrilled with the results of a cheap gadget she hails as a “game changer” in preventing mould from growing in the home.

A video of the creator testing the “absolutely amazing” £1.60 product has gone viral on social media.

A TikToker said the cheap gadget was a 'game changer'


A TikToker said the cheap gadget was a ‘game changer’
Carly loved how discreet the gadget was, tucked behind her curtains


Carly loved how discreet the gadget was, tucked behind her curtains
Six of the gadgets can be purchased on TikTok Shop for £9,99, says Carly


Six of the gadgets can be purchased on TikTok Shop for £9,99, says Carly

She showed a clip of a moisture-absorbing bag that is blue and small in size, with a hook similar to that on a coathanger which allows it to hang in discreet places.

The bags work to remove excess moisture from the air, effectively reducing humidity levels.

Carly said: “These are so so good if you have any damp areas in your home and even better you can’t see them.

“I’ve also seen them hung behind blinds etc.”

She added in the video voiceover: “I used to buy the little dehumidifier boxes that sat on the windowsill, but obviously they’re ugly.

“These hang on the curtain pole, behind your curtains, so you can’t see them. They’ve done such an amazing job.

“If you’ve got any damp rooms, damp areas, it helps so much.”

The social media influencer said she purchased a pack of six of the gadgets for £9.99 on TikTok Shop, where users can buy products advertised on the app.

Hundreds took to the comments of Carly’s video to share their excitement over the product.

One person wrote: “I put mine on my clothes horse with the wet washing. Washing been drying so much quicker.”

Others said, “I hang these in my car, keeps all the moisture off the windscreen” and “these are brilliant I’ve got them in my wardrobe.”

Another commented: “Look lovely from outside too.”

But some were less than impressed with the look of the moisture-absorbing bag, comparing it to a “catheter bag”.

One user joked: “I put these under my pillow to dry out the tears of despair.”

It comes as another woman has revealed an easy method to put a stop to condensation and mould using an everyday ingredient from her kitchen cupboard.

Olivia shared the easy hack on social media, explaining how a small container filled with fine-grain or regular table salt can suck up excess moisture when placed on windowsills.

She said: “Put an open container of salt wherever needed and it traps and absorbs the moisture.”

Another cleaning whizz, who goes by Grace or @homethirty_one on TikTok, said it was possible to tackle mould in your sleep with a simple 1p cotton wool hack.

The steps are straightforward as you soak the cotton pads with regular thick bleach and apply them to the mould-infested areas, where you let them do their magic overnight as you sleep.

After waking up and removing the wet cotton pads from her bath, Grace was amazed to see the black mould spots had vanished completely – and all of this with no vigorous scrubbing involved.


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