I rarely get condensation inside my car using 85p household item… it’s better than ‘harmful’ anti-fog products

A DRIVER has revealed how they stopped using “harmful” products to beat condensation in their car by switching them for an 85p household item.

Campervan builder Will shared the “secret trick“, learned from endless hours on the road, in a TikTok video.

Campervan builder Will urged drivers to reconsider using specialist anti-fog products


Campervan builder Will urged drivers to reconsider using specialist anti-fog productsCredit: Tiktok
He claimed that these contain 'harsh' chemicals


He claimed that these contain ‘harsh’ chemicalsCredit: Tiktok

In the clip, he warned motorists about the “harsh” chemicals used in specialist anti-fog sprays and recommended a gentler alternative.

He said: “One of the main reasons I don’t use the anti-fog products is that some of them have got so many chemicals in that can be quite harsh, quite irritating to your eyes.

“Also on your glass, you’ve actually got a protective film.

“If you keep spraying all these harmful chemicals on the inside of your glass, you can actually wear out this film and it can ruin your windows.”

That’s quite an expensive issue to have, with windscreen and window replacements costing upwards of £100 and possibly even several hundred for higher-end motors.

Likewise, if the spray does damage the glass and cause streaking or staining, this could actually see you fined up to £1,000 for driving with your view of the road obscured.

Instead, Will urged drivers to pick up a basic household glass cleaner, which he says often doesn’t have the same chemicals that anti-fog products contain.

He added: “It’s my biggest tip for getting rid of condensation.

“It’s one that I use and I rarely get condensation in my van.

“A basic glass cleaner, it doesn’t have to be for cars…seems to work quite well.”

Fortunately, glass cleaner can be picked up from most major supermarkets, with prices as low as 85p online.

It comes after pet owners rushed to buy an £8 Amazon product to keep their cars spotless with dogs in the back

Instead, he recommended 'basic' glass cleaner


Instead, he recommended ‘basic’ glass cleanerCredit: Tiktok


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