‘I demand satisfaction’ cries Nestle fan after biting into KitKat only to make ‘deeply disturbing’ discovery

A NESTLE fan has demanded “satisfaction” after biting into a KitKat and making a “deeply disturbing” discovery.

The confectionery lover took to social media to voice their horror at the incredibly unusual situation after tucking into the chocolate bar.

A Nestle fan made a 'deeply disturbing' discovery after biting into a KitKat bar


A Nestle fan made a ‘deeply disturbing’ discovery after biting into a KitKat barCredit: Alamy
The social media revealed that their white chocolate KitKat was missing its wafer


The social media revealed that their white chocolate KitKat was missing its waferCredit: X/@pinkoStarr

The person had just taken a bite out of their white chocolate KitKat bar when all of a sudden they realised something wasn’t quite right.

They immediately took to X (formerly Twitter) to voice their concerns to a member of the Nestle team, posting a message alongside a picture of the chocolate bar.

The post read: “@Nestle I was deeply disturbed after biting into a white chocolate KitKat last night to find that there was no wafer.

“Between an uncontrolled escalation and passivity, there is a demanding road of responsibility that we must follow.

“I demand satisfaction.”

The image quite clearly showed that there was, in fact, no sign of a wafer in the KitKat bar.

Instead, there was just pure white chocolate.

While this is hardly an unpleasant thing to have to deal with, it is incredibly unusual considering a wafer is one of the main parts of a KitKat.

As a result, it begs the question as to how this could have happened.

Nonetheless, the tongue in cheek comment from the social media user (@PinkoStarr) triggered a quick response from the Nestle team, who could only apologise for the bizarre issue.

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They also assured the customer that they would look into it and encouraged them to get in contact.

While Nestle aims to deal with the issue surrounding it’s white chocolate flavoured KitKat, fans have been going wild for a new flavour released earlier this year.

The food company announced it would be bringing back a beloved classic chocolate bar and fans claim it is “out of this world”.

The brand has revealed the KitKat 70% dark chocolate bar has returned to shelves – but with a different recipe.

But chocolate fans have been left fuming after seeing another new Nestle chocolate bar which hit stores this month. 

After the chocolatiers confirmed they were axing two fan-favourite chocolate bars, it seems fans are not pleased with its new replacement – the Blue Riband Hazelnut.


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