Hyundai will give new EV buyers a free home ChargePoint and $600 off installation

If you were holding off on buying an EV because you didn’t know where to start on getting a home charger installed, Hyundai’s new deal might help you out. The automaker is now offering a free home electric vehicle charger plus up to $600 off the installation cost with the purchase or lease of select Hyundai EVs.

Hyundai is offering up the ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger on the Hyundai Home Marketplace. The charger is currently listed at $549 on the website and supports up to 50 amps, which could get you around 37 miles of driving range per hour of charging. The additional $600 installation credit applies only to services ordered through Hyundai’s website.

To qualify for the deal, you’ll need to follow this process:

Hyundai has some other terms you’ll need to abide by for the offer to work. Installation must be scheduled within 90 days of the purchase or lease contract date, you must use installers offered through Hyundai, and installation must take place on residential property.

Also, if you were hoping to get the free charger and skip installation because you’re all about DIY at home, you’re out of luck — Hyundai will only cough up the free charger if you get the installation service. Overall, the main benefit of this deal is to ensure you actually have an easy way to charge at home and not try to figure out how to charge your new EV after taking delivery.

One of the most challenging barriers to EV adoption is figuring out how to charge the vehicle. If your home has a driveway or garage, it’s usually pretty straightforward to get an EV charger installed. It’s also the most convenient because you can wake up to a fully fueled vehicle daily. It’s more difficult for apartment dwellers, as the landowner must facilitate equipment, and in that case, this offer won’t help you. However, Hyundai does offer new EV buyers access to two years of complimentary Electrify America charging.


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