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Huawei P70 Pro Art periscope zoom lens upgrades supposedly outlined in new leak

The P70 Pro Art. (Source: Huawei)
The P70 Pro Art. (Source: Huawei)

Huawei is rumored to launch a new top-of-the-line smartphone called the P70 Pro Art with some of the most advanced XMAGE cameras made to date. They are now slated to include a telephoto lens superior to anything the OEM has ever produced in certain respects. It is projected to join an on-trend sensor type in the upcoming P-series flagship.

Huawei is now widely expected to release P60-series successors that build on the line’s reputation for smartphone photography with what might be the best XMAGE-branded hardware yet. This, according to legendary leaker Digital Chat Station, might include a periscope lens with OEM-first specs.

They include 100mm worth of zoom, compared to 90mm even in the top-end Mate 60 RS Ultimate Edition. That spec would still fall short of the 120mm modules in the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Xiaomi 13 Ultra in fairness – then again, it will also apparently be “4X“.

It is not known if that last figure pertains to optical zoom – thereby also potentially beating the 60 RS – although such a specific level of magnification is not thought to feature even in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Digital Chat Station asserts that this new zoom lens will be accompanied by a 1-inch main camera sensor, thereby further fueling speculation that the device in question will launch as Huawei’s new top-end P70 Pro Art variant. Then again, it is also said to ditch its predecessor’s unique camera hump for something more like that of the Nova 12 series in 2024.

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