How to refund a game on Meta Quest Pro

There are a lot of games on the Quest store, but if you’ve bought one you don’t like, can you refund it?

There are a lot of games on the Quest store, but if you’ve bought one for your Meta Quest Pro you don’t like, can you refund it?

Well, under the right circumstances, you might be able to get your money back and avoid some of the misery of wasting money on a bad game.


Do you meet the refund policy requirements?

If you’re trying to get a refund on a game you’ve purchased for your Meta Quest Pro you first need to meet some requirements. If you don’t satisfy these policy requirements then you probably won’t be able to get your money back.

Luckily the requirements are fairly straightforward:

  • You must have played less than two hours of the game
  • Your refund request should happen less than 14 days from when you bought it

These are perfectly reasonable. There’s no point in trying to get your money back if you’ve played 10 hours or more of a game. If you’ve played it that much then you probably haven’t got any reasonable issues with it. Similarly, you can’t expect Meta to let you refund a game you’ve owned for a year.

The process for requesting a game refund is easiest if you use your smartphone and the Meta Quest app. So if you haven’t already, download the Meta Quest app on your Android phone or Apple iPhone. Launch the app and log in to the same account your headset is logged into:

  • Click the menu button on the bottom right of the app
  • From there click on the settings button
  • Then look for the purchase history option
  • Click that and find the game you want to refund
  • Click that and you should then see an option to “request refund”

While following this process you should easily see whether the game or app is eligible. You will have to wait to find out if your request has been successful though.

As you might expect, when you’ve submitted the refund request you won’t be able to play that game anymore.

You will also have to wait for your refund request to be processed. It can take as many as seven days for the request to be approved, so you’ll need to wait and see what happens.

If your refund request is successful then you’ll find your funds will come back to you the same way via your original payment method.

It’s also possible to request a refund for games others have bought for you. The process is similar and you’ll have to meet the same refund policy requirements, but then your friend can request the refund and get the money back themselves. That’s right, you can’t try to refund gifted games and keep the money for yourself.

What to do if your refund is denied

If you met the policy requirements for a refund and submitted a request but then were denied, you might not be out of options. You can still take further action. The best port of call is to get in touch with Meta support and ask for help.

What cannot be refunded?

There are some things that cannot be refunded. These include:

  • Films
  • Bundles or content purchased in a bundle
  • Subscriptions to apps
  • Content purchased via third-party platforms

Find out more about the Meta Quest refund policy here.


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