How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card on iPhone

In this guide we’ll show you how to quickly redeem an Amazon gift card using your iPhone.

If you recently received an Amazon gift card, you can securely redeem it on your iPhone using the Amazon app. We recommend redeeming a gift card soon after you get it to prevent fraud. Doing this from your iPhone is quick and easy and only takes a minute to do.

We’ll also show you how to manage your gift card balance right from the Amazon app so that you can properly track the money in your account.

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card on iPhone

The first thing you need to do is download the Amazon application from the App Store on your iPhone. Once you have it installed, log in to your account or, if you don’t have an Amazon account, create one.

After you’ve done this, head inside the app. Assuming you’re using the latest version of the Amazon app (and we recommend downloading it if you aren’t), you’ll see a toolbar on the bottom of the screen.

On this toolbar you’ll see a symbol that resembles a person. Tap this symbol. On the next screen, scroll down a little bit, past any current orders and lists, until you see the “Gift Card Balance” section. It’s below the “Your Account” section.

From here, you can tap Redeem Gift card and that will bring you to a screen where you can either scan your claim code or enter it manually. The claim code is typically located on the back of the card and you’ll need to scratch off a panel to reveal it. If the panel is already scratched off, there’s a chance someone’s already used it and it will be invalid.

If you want to scan the claim code, you’ll need to give the Amazon app access to your camera. If you don’t want to see this popup every time, check the box that says “Allow this Amazon app to access your camera and skip this step in the future.” You can manage access in the permission settings if you decide you don’t want the app to have access to your camera.

Once you’ve scanned in your card or entered the characters manually, the gift card amount will be added to your account’s current balance. Note that the gift card amount is stored in your account and will never expire. You can use it whenever you want.

How to Manage Amazon Gift Card Balance on iPhone

Now, while in the Amazon app, tap on the person icon in the toolbar again, scroll down to the Gift Card Balance section and tap “Manage” which is located in the upper right corner of the section.

This menu is how you will manage the Amazon gift card balance in your account from your iPhone. In this menu you can redeem another gift card, reload your balance using a credit or debit card, and even check your gift card balance activity, all from your iPhone.

If you tap on “View more balance activity” at the bottom you can look through all of your gift card transactions at Amazon over the years.


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