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Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to pin messages inside chats and chat groups. You can already pin chats/groups you most frequently engage with, and the new feature seems like an extension to that allowing users to also pin messages selectively, so they’ll always stay at the top inside chats and chat groups. Do know that while it is possible to pin more than one chat in your chat list, only one message can be pinned within chats at a time.   

The ability, as we mentioned earlier, is available in both 1-on-1 chats as well as groups. In the latter, the admin will obviously hold the right to allow other group members to pin messages.

Pinning messages in WhatsApp chats is a straight-forward process. You start with selecting the message you want to pin at the top and long-press on it. Doing that will open the context menu from where you’ll need to choose “pin”. WhatsApp will then ask you to pick a duration for which you want to pin the message. There are three windows: 24-hours, 7-days, or 30-days. WhatsApp says 7 days will be the default option and so, if you mistakenly forget to choose a time, the app will pick that up automatically. Having a set timer means, once it is reached, WhatsApp will remove the pinned message on its own.

WhatsApp pinned messages in chats: what is the purpose?

The premise is simple. WhatsApp says pinned messages will let you “easily highlight important messages in group or 1:1 chats” helping users save time so “they can find timely messages more easily.”

WhatsApp pinned messages in chats: what messages can you pin?

WhatsApp says you’ll be able to pin all messages including text, poll, image, and emojis at the top of your chats. You’ll be able to do this across Android, iOS and web.

WhatsApp pinned messages in chats: Group members should keep this in mind

With permission, group members can pin messages and every time someone pins a message, other group members will be notified that a message was pinned and who pinned it. In case a user joins a group after a pinned message was sent, they won’t be able to see it. The same rule applies to when they lose or clear their chat history, or if they delete the message before it was pinned.

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