How to mine Silver in Hades 2

Melinoe near a silver rock in Hades 2.
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Silver is one of the most important resources you can find in Hades 2. Unlike most others that drop after clearing a room, this precious metal must be mined from deposits around the map, leading to the question of how you can gather it. You may come across a glowing stone with the “Collect?” prompt, only to be told you cannot gather it without a special tool. That tool is none other than the Crescent Pick, but unlocking it is a bit obscure. It won’t take you many runs to get what you need, so just follow our lead so you can start collecting Silver to make new weapons with.

How to mine Silver

The incantation to make a pick in Hades 2
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Silver deposits will pop up around the environment as you navigate the randomly generated rooms, so you will need to keep an eye out for these glowing silver rocks. To gather that sweet material, you first need to unlock and acquire the Crescent Pick, which takes two steps.

First, you need to be in the Crossroads and interact with the large Cauldron to view the Incantations. The third option down the list is Night’s Craftwork, which you will see is a gathering tool that lets you harvest ore. It costs just one Moly, so you should be able to unlock it immediately.

Unlocking it via the Incantations doesn’t instantly give you the pick, however. You then need to go to the Silver Pool and find the new Gathering Tools section. Now, the Crescent Pick, as well as a few other tools, will be available to unlock for Ash. The Crescent Pick only costs 1 Ash, so equip it and start your next run looking out for silver deposits to mine.

Each rock gives you a couple of Silver, so you don’t need to find a ton to unlock every weapon in the game.

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