How To Complete The Not So Berry Legacy Challenge In The Sims 4

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If you’ve surfed the web looking for interesting legacy challenges to play in The Sims 4, chances are you’ve stumbled across the Not So Berry challenge. Created by Tumblr users lilsimsie and alwaysimming, this challenge takes inspiration from common fruits to raise ten generations of a single Sim family.




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Although the Not So Berry challenge is a favorite among legacy players, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to complete. As with any legacy challenge, rearing almost a dozen generations takes commitment — especially when things take an unexpected turn.

But don’t get discouraged! We’ve rounded up all the tips and tricks you’ll need to master the Not So Berry legacy challenge.

What Is The Not So Berry Legacy Challenge?

An adult feminine Sim wears their pink hair in Bantu knots and an all pink professional ensemble. In their right ear, a hearing aid can be seen. To their left, a wall plumbobs sits against a blue gradient background.

The Not So Berry legacy challenge prompts players to raise ten generations of a Sim family, each one named after a different botanical hue. The challenge was created to familiarize seasoned Simmers with lesser-played aspects of the game while having fun with unique, colorful characters.

Inspired by their assigned color, each of your active Sims will work to fulfill individual requirements as they move throughout their lifetime, all while raising a colorful successor. Like most legacy challenges, this process continues for ten Sim generations (if you can manage it)!

Over five years have passed since the creation of the Not So Berry challenge, but its popularity has withstood the test of time. The challenge has cemented itself as a must-do for any legacy player, spawning countless playthroughs along the way.

How To Play The Not So Berry Legacy Challenge

Three Sims appear over a colorful gradient background. One wears orange clothing, one wears purple clothing, and the last Sim wears blue clothing.

Ready to put your own spin on the Not So Berry challenge? All you need to do is open your game and begin creating your first-generation Sim, commonly called the “founder.” But if you want to play by the rules, you’ll need to keep lilsimsie’s original Not So Berry tumblr post on hand.

This post lays out the challenge rules and explains the requirements for each generation in detail. The original Not So Berry challenge post, combined with our selection of helpful tips, is the perfect formula for a successful Not So Berry legacy!

Looking for Not So Berry inspo? Use the hashtag #notsoberry to explore the legacies of other players, or share your own!

In addition, the challenge creators provide a bit of backstory for each heir, which can add some depth and interest to your playthrough. Don’t be afraid to give your heirs their own quirks!


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Generation One: Mint

An androgynous adult Sim wears an all mint ensemble while standing against a mint-colored background.







Chief of Mischief

Your legacy’s founder is inspired by the color mint. When creating your founder in Create A Sim, you’ll want to incorporate mint into their clothing, hair, makeup, tattoos, or even their skin.

As a kooky scientist with a love for practical jokes, your founder enjoys the simple pleasures of life. They look forward to outings with friends, eating vegetarian delicacies, and decorating their home with tasteful pieces.

How To Complete The Element Collection

This generation gets a little tricky when it comes to your founder’s element collection. If you’ve never heard of a Sims element collection before, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Elements are materials of varying rarity that can be found in certain crystals and metals.

To find metals and crystals, command your Sim to dig around rock formations that can be found across the many maps of the Sims universe. You’re more likely to find rare elements on hidden lots such as Sixam, the Forgotten Grotto, and Sylvan Glade.

As a scientist, your Sim has the privilege of being able to examine findings on their own (as opposed to sending them off to the Geo Council). Examining your crystals and metals will reveal which elements they contain. In total, there are 16 elements to collect. Once complete, you’ll find a commemorative plaque in your Sim’s mailbox!

Generation Two: Rose

An adult feminine Sim wears a light pink outfit with their hair in pink Bantu knots.






Serial Romantic

Your second-generation Sim is a career-driven politician with a bit of a temper. Although they’ve mastered their career path and the Charisma skill, they have a hard time in the romance department.

Their workaholic tendencies combined with their explosive nature have left a string of failed relationships behind them, even causing a disastrous wedding ceremony. Despite these challenges, it all works out in the end when they marry their soulmate during their golden years.

How To Make The Serial Romantic Aspiration Easier

Your second-generation Sim will need to complete the Serial Romantic aspiration, which requires them to get cozy with a good number of partners before finally settling down.

This aspiration can be a bit of a challenge when you’re also focused on building Charisma and managing a political career. If one of your Sim’s partners discovers that they’ve been unfaithful, a downpour of negative Moodlets can make progress difficult.

To manage multiple love interests and avoid getting caught, try having partners with opposite work schedules (such as a barista who works in the morning and a criminal who works at night) and locking doors when you’re spending romantic time with one of them.

We also suggest purchasing the “Carefree” trait from the rewards store to make your Sim less susceptible to negative Moodlets associated with embarrassment, which can result from romantic rejection or being caught cheating.


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Generation Three: Yellow

A masculine Sim with yellow hair wears an all-yellow outfit.




Rocket Science



Nerd Brain

Unlike their favorite color, this heir is far from sunny. In fact, they spend most of their youth holed up in their room, studying the complexities of outer space.

Despite their lack of social skills, your yellow Sim manages to master the Rocket Science and Handiness skills, becoming a successful astronaut along the way.

How To Complete The Nerd Brain Aspiration Faster

The Nerd Brain aspiration requires the development of many skills, including Woodworking, Logic, Rocket Science, and more. Building skills can be time-consuming and tedious.

To speed up the process, you can purchase the Savant trait from the Rewards Store. This trait allows your Sim to build skills more easily.

You may also want to buy the Morning Sim and Night Owl traits from the Rewards Store, allowing your Sim to work into the wee hours while still waking up bright and early the next morning.

Generation Four: Gray

An adult feminine Sim with silver hair stands against a gray background wearing a gray athletic set.









Your fourth-generation Sim is a bit less intellectual than the Sims that came before them, taking a greater interest in sports rather than science.

They aspire to master Bodybuilding, have a successful career as an Athlete, and become a dedicated parent. In their free time, the fourth-generation berry Sim enjoys listening to music and building their Singing skill.

Generation Five: Plum

A young masculine Sim stands with their arms crossed, looking off to their left. They are wearing an all purple outfit.


Fast Food





Two other skills of your choice


Renaissance Sim

The fifth-generation heir is an indecisive genius who can’t stay tied down for long. Their life is a winding road of career changes, cross-country moves, and rollercoaster romances.

Over the course of their life, they are married twice to the same Sim, achieve level eight in at least six skills, live in three different worlds, and complete the Renaissance Sim aspiration. Your Sim is also expected to work in a Fast Food restaurant, then become a Doctor, and finally settle on a career in the Entertainment industry!

Choose Your Skills Wisely To Make Generation Five Easier

The Renaissance Sim aspiration requires your Sim to achieve level eight in at least six skills and master three careers. Fulfilling the requirements for this generation will be much easier if you develop skills that coincide with the three careers your Sim is required to complete for the challenge.

For example, build the Comedy skill to help with progress in the Entertainer career, then focus on building the Logic skill to help your Sim receive promotions as a Doctor. If you don’t choose your skills wisely, you could end up having to build twice as many skills than what is really necessary.

Reward traits such as Savant, Morning Sim, and Night Owl can also make this generation easier to complete!

Generation Six: Orange

A young feminine Sim appears frustrated as she dons a completely orange outfit, which matches her orange hair.







Public Enemy

Despite taking on an orange hue, the sixth-generation Sim is considered the black sheep of the family. With a love for sweets and all things evil, they can often be found stealing pies off of windowsills.

As they move into adulthood, your orange Sim makes a name for themselves on the Criminal career path, aspiring to become a Public Enemy. They also master the Baking and Charisma skills.

How To Have Twins

As per the Not So Berry rules, your sixth-generation Sim is required to raise twins. This may seem simple enough, but your orange Sim is not allowed to have more than two children — meaning you’ll have to get twins on the first try.

There’s only about a ten percent chance of receiving twins, but you can increase the likelihood of this with a few methods:

  • Buy the Fertile reward trait in the Rewards Store
  • Receive a Fertility Massage (Spa Day required)
  • Live in a lot with the On Ley Line lot trait (City Living required)
  • Drink the Elixir of Fertility (Outdoor Retreat required)

Alternatively, you can skip these methods and instead opt for a cheat. Once the Sim becomes pregnant, use the following cheats in this order to create twins:

  1. sims.get_sim_id_by_name firstname lastname
  2. pregnancy.force_offspring_count SIM ID NUMBER OF BABIES

Generation Seven: Pink

A feminine Sim wears a pink and white striped shirt and a white skirt as she stands against a pink and white background.







Best-Selling Author

The seventh-generation Not So Berry heir is a hopeless romantic stuck at a stuffy corporate job, longing to write romance novels. Despite their own unlucky love life, something about the melodrama of romantic fiction has stolen their heart.

Your pink Sim enjoys maintaining their garden, collecting postcards, and learning the Wellness skill. One day, they decide to chase their dreams with the Best-Selling Author aspiration.

How To Complete A Postcard Collection

Sims collect postcards by writing to online pen pals. To start collecting postcards, command your Sim to approach a computer and select the Socialize menu. From there, navigate to “Find a Pen Pal”.

It will take a couple of hours for your Sim’s new pen pal to get back to them, but you’ll be able to access their response by navigating to the Socialize menu once again. Then, write a letter to a pen pal to unlock the ability to request postcards from certain locations.

Once your Sim has collected every postcard, they will receive a plaque commemorating their efforts. They can also display their postcards on the Bunchapals Postcard Corkboard.

Generation Eight: Peach

A masculine adult Sim looks mischievously past the camera while wearing an outfit comprised of peachy muted tones.




Gourmet Cooking

Comedy Skills


Joke Star

As a detective by day and a comedian by night, your eighth-generation Sim leads a busy yet rewarding life. Through completing the Detective career and the Joke Star aspiration, it’s evident that they truly put their heart into everything they do.

In the little free time they have, they enjoy cooking gourmet food for their spouse and picking up their favorite instrument!

The Joke Star aspiration will require you to switch careers from Detective to Entertainer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work on both at the same time. Try building your Sim’s comedy skills while working your way up the ladder in the Detective career. Once you’ve finished the Detective career, you can switch to the Comedian career and quickly finish the Joke Star aspiration.


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Generation Nine: Green

A feminine Sim with green eyes wears her hair in two long, dark braids. She also wears a green t-shirt and overalls.


Tech Guru



Video Gaming



Computer Whiz

After being caught red-handed while hacking, a successful tech company offered your ninth-generation Sim a high-paying position.

When they aren’t glued to a computer screen, your Sim manages a rich social life complete with five good friends and five enemies. They accept every social invitation they’re offered, frequenting parties, festivals, and the like.

Amidst it all, they still find time to level their Mixology, Video Gaming, and Programming skills.

You can check to see if you have achieved “Good Friends” or “Enemies” status with other Sims by navigating to the Relationships panel and then selecting a Sim. A pop-up Profile will appear, providing details about your Sim’s relationship.

Generation Ten: Blue

A masculine Sim with blue and black hair stands somberly in a blue sweater.








Super Parent

Your tenth-generation Sim is a model citizen who seems to have it all. With an adoring spouse, a beautiful family, and a house chock-full of curb appeal, it’s easy to see why they’re the envy of all the neighbors. But something darker lurks beneath the surface…

After marrying their high school sweetheart, your blue Sim has a one-time illicit affair. The guilt of cheating is crushing. Their remorse motivates them to make up for it in their parenting as they master the Super Parent aspiration.

They also reach the top of their career as a Critic and level the Cooking, Parenting, and Photography skills. But with the Gloomy trait, it’s unlikely that they’ll soon get over their past transgressions.

How To Go Into Full Parent Mode

To complete the Super Parent aspiration, the final level requires you to “go into Full Parent Mode.” To achieve this, you’ll have to make your Sim perform ten parenting actions in a row. However, this will only work if your Sim is level ten in the Parenting skill.

It is easiest to achieve Full Parent Mode by performing parenting actions with a baby, since older kids have the tendency to run away due to that pesky thing called “autonomy”.


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