How Long Does an AirTag Battery Last & How to Check It

If you just bought an Apple AirTag or you’re considering it, you may be wondering how long the battery lasts. We’ll answer that question, and more, in this walkthrough.

Apple’s AirTag accessory, like all of Apple’s mobile products, relies on a battery to keep it charged up. However, the AirTag’s battery dies much faster than the batteries on board an iPhone or Mac.

Once the battery runs out, you will need to manually replace it or buy another AirTag if you’d prefer to go that route. We don’t recommend it, it’s more expensive to do it that way, but it’s an option.

Here’s what you need to know about AirTag battery life including how long it lasts, how to check if the battery is low, and what to do if you need to replace the battery.

How Long Does an AirTag Battery Last?

An AirTag’s battery should last around a year when being used normally, but there are several factors that go into this estimate.

If you frequently use Find My network to locate your AirTag, it can drain the battery faster. And if the AirTag needs to transmit a signal over a long distance or through obstacles, it may use up more battery power.

You’ll want to keep these factors in mind while you use one.

How to Check AirTag Battery Level

Once your AirTag’s battery reaches a critical level, you will receive a notification on you iPhone. It looks like the notification in the screenshot below.

You can also manually check in the Find My application on your iPhone and see if the AirTag’s battery needs to be replaced. Here’s how to do that:

  • Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Items.
  • Tap the AirTag.
  • When the battery is low, you’ll see “Low Battery” under the name of the AirTag.

If you see that message, you’ll need to replace the AirTag’s battery or, again, buy a new one.

Replacing the AirTag Battery

It’s much cheaper to replace the AirTag’s battery versus buying a brand new AirTag and it’s our recommended course of action.

The AirTag relies on a CR2032 battery to keep a charge and you can find replacements available at retailers like Amazon. They’re extremely cheap.

Once you’ve acquired a replacement CR2032 battery, you’ll need to manually swap out the old battery for the new one. It’s fairly simple:

  • Find the battery cover: The AirTag is designed to be tamper-proof so the battery compartment is hidden under the polished stainless steel cover on the back.
  • Pop open the cover: Place your thumb on either side of the cover and firmly press down. While holding the cover down, twist it counter-clockwise until it stops. You might need a coin or another flat object with an edge to help you pry the cover open.
  • Remove the old battery: Once the cover is open, you’ll see the old battery. Remove it.
  • Insert the new battery: Put your new CR2032 battery in the compartment, with the positive (+) side facing up. You should hear a small chime which means the AirTag is connected.
  • Close the cover: Line up the tabs on the cover with the slots on the AirTag body. Press down firmly and twist the cover clockwise until it clicks shut.

Your AirTag should now be good to go for another year.

AirTag Battery Life Tips

If you want to maximize your AirTag’s battery life, you should avoid activating your AirTag until you actually need to use it.

If you’re forgetful, you might want to make a note in the Calendar app to remind you to replace the battery in a year.

CR2032 batteries are available at tons of retailers and physical locations like drugstores. They’re inexpensive so you may want to buy a pack of them so you have spares on hand at home or while you travel.


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