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Doing so successfully, means eschewing a patchwork of point cyber security solutions for a whole-of-business approach delivered by trusted partners and vendors with comprehensive security portfolios.

How can you safeguard your enterprise from sophisticated cyber threats?

The impact of AI on cyber security

As businesses continue to navigate a dynamic and increasingly hostile threat landscape, the rise of AI and machine learning technologies presents new challenges for cyber security. While these technologies have the potential to revolutionise the way we approach security, they also bring new risks and vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

One of the most significant challenges posed by AI in the threat landscape is its potential to hyperscale the capabilities of threat actors. With the power of AI, hackers and cyber criminals can launch more sophisticated and targeted attacks, making it even more difficult for organisations to defend against them. This is particularly concerning given the current shortage of skilled cyber security professionals, coupled with the ongoing need for a revamped security posture in many organisations. Consequently, many business leaders find themselves struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

The cyber security reality

The current resource challenge in cyber security is a major concern for businesses today. According to the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (AustCyber) nearly 17,000 more cyber security workers are needed by 2026. This shortage of skilled professionals, combined with the rise of AI-driven threats, is widening the gap between having a secure organisation and being vulnerable to cyber attacks. Many security teams find themselves stuck in reactive mode, unable to break the cycle and be proactive. This situation is ultimately reflected in a Forrester Security Survey where 74% of security decision-makers reported their organisation’s sensitive data had potentially been compromised or breached in the previous 12 months.

Forging partnerships to build resilience

To adopt an effective cyber security stance, businesses need to navigate a congested and noisy security marketplace and work with partners to embed security into platforms and operational processes. These partners should have established relationships with leading security vendors and the skills and resources to help businesses implement a deep, multi-layered security architecture aligned to an established security framework.

Enter, Data#3 and Cisco. Data#3, an award-winning Australian technology services and solutions provider, in partnership with Cisco, has forged a compelling combination of expertise in solution delivery, industry frameworks and technologies that address all aspects of a business’s security requirements. 

Cisco security platform

Most organisations are managing numerous point solutions for security. This increases risk given the potential for gaps that might exist between products and the inability to see a holistic view of behaviour. They also add cost and complexity.

Cisco’s open, integrated security platform is powered by AI and built on zero trust principles. It supports businesses in building security resilience and delivering a simpler management experience. Helpfully, Cisco has organised its expansive security portfolio into four key use cases:

  1. User protection – simplifying the delivery of zero-trust and providing frictionless security to support mobile users.
  2. Cloud protection – securing applications and data across multi-cloud environments, overcoming issues such as increased complexity and poor visibility.
  3. Breach protection – simplifying operations, accelerating incident response, providing unified protection incorporating AI and help detect and remediate threats.
  4. Network protection – providing consistent visibility, policy harmonisation and unified management..

A holistic approach to a secure enterprise

With more than 1,400 employees across 12 locations, Data#3 provides the holistic approach businesses need to combat today’s cyber security threats. An ASX-listed technology provider, Data#3 is a Cisco Master Security Specialised Partner, 2022 Cisco Global Partner of the Year for Security and 2023 Cisco APJC SMB Security Partner of the Year. The Data#3 team of security specialists offer the highest levels of competency and customer satisfaction across key Cisco specialisations, including Advanced Security Architecture Specialisation, and is certified to the level of advanced customer experience. Data#3’s commitment to help customers meet their evolving needs with a lifecycle engagement approach recently earned Data#3 them the prestigious Cisco Customer Experience Partner of the Year award for Asia-Pacific, Japan, and China.

“Our solutions help our customers respond to the rapidly evolving security landscape by aligning the Cisco security portfolio with customers’ networking, data centre, collaboration, and cloud environments,” said Richard Dornhart, National Security Practice Manager at Data#3.  “This ensures security is integrated into the fabric of every architecture, rather than being an afterthought.

“This integrated approach not only aligns security capabilities across an organisation, but also ensures a secure-by-design approach is taken to each and every technology investment.”

Mitigating cyber threats with industry frameworks

When it comes to cyber security, there are numerous frameworks that can go a long way to helping organisations meet their security requirements. While these guidelines are extremely helpful, businesses often struggle with how to approach the implementation of those controls. Working with Data#3 and Cisco, businesses can go a long way towards ensuring compliance with cyber threat mitigation frameworks such as the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Essential Eight or the National Institute of Standards (NIST) Cyber Security Framework.  

Working together against evolving security challenges

Data#3 helps customers at every step of their security journey. Get in touch with a Data#3 Security Specialist to find out how you can minimise the risks of cyber security breaches – enabling your organisation to capitalise on new market opportunities and emerging technologies. The highly experienced and accredited Data#3 Security team is ready to help you protect your users, your data, your network and your applications.

Learn more at data3.com/cisco-security


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