Artificial Intelligence

How artificial intelligence threatens democracy

THIS EPISODE OF THE NORTHWEST POLITICAST: Whether it’s fake images or computer-generated voices made to sound like real people, ‘deep fakes’ and artificial intelligence have become a major concern for lawmakers and lawyers. Is it truly free speech if you are using a computer to put words into someone else’s mouth? 

National security is also an issue. We know our adversaries are using AI against us, so some argue that we should be deploying our own versions to fight back. We’ll explore a few scenarios and use some eerily accurate examples of AI media to illustrate the problem.

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PLUS: President Biden’s approval rating has hit a new low, and that’s not even the worst of it for the White House.

AND: The latest on Title 42 and the situation at the southern border.

Guests include former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Alex Gounares; legal analyst Royal Oakes; and Scott Clement, poling director for the Washington Post.

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