Hope Auto hosts The Walking Dog food truck, boasts larger inventory – SWARK Today

At Hope Auto today, the inventory is plentiful and the hot dogs are good.

As Hope Auto moves forward now with new management, the car sales company’s parking lots at both its Ford and Chevy locations on North Hervey are full of lovely vehicles with shiny new paint. Today many of them are set off by helium balloons.

At the Ford location, a food truck by the name of The Walking Dog has arrived from DeQueen to serve your fond dream of what a hot dog should contain. Salesperson and social media coordinator for Hope Auto, Maci Stout said the dealership will be making the hosting of food trucks in its lot a habit in the coming weeks but today is about starting a new era for the company. 

“We are under new management,” she said. “And we are trying to just give our community something to come out and get involved in, to get some attention for our new inventory coming in.”

Stout added that though about 60 vehicles are on display at the Ford location and 200 at the Chevy one, more would be coming. (I was partial to the beautiful Mustang Mach 1 in the Ford location showroom.)

The Walking Dog food truck’s owner Joaquin Ambriz, was glad to get the chance to fill in today after a previous food truck had to bow out. “We found an opportunity to come this way. We haven’t been in this town before. So we were like, ‘Why not?’”

Hope Auto will be open until 4:00 p.m. today. Come get a gourmet hot dog and see the gorgeous new cars.


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