HID & Olea Kiosks launch collaboration on facial recognition tech

HID, a global company providing trusted identity solutions, and Olea Kiosks, a notable provider of self-service kiosk solutions, have announced a collaboration aimed at transforming user experience in access control and user authentication.

With a range of applications, multiple industries including retail, transportation, government, banking, hospitality, and healthcare are set to provide new levels of security and user convenience in an assortment of check-in and access scenarios.

The HID U.ARE.U Camera Identification System, equipped with facial recognition technology, can now be integrated into Olea’s innovative HYPERMODULAR Kiosk. This move is in response to a demand for flexible and personalised identity authentication and validation across a wide variety of sectors.

The use of facial recognition technology is increasingly needed due to its blend of high-level security paired with user convenience. Matched with the adaptable Olea kiosk, HID’s AI-driven U.ARE.U camera system is ideally suited for applications dealing with high user throughput.

Notable features of the HID facial recognition technology include instant on-site verification which confirms an individual’s identity in seconds, thereby reducing queuing time; the ability for a single glance to securely capture a facial image, making identity verification simpler; and proof of identity and presence due to distinct biometric traits.

Olea Kiosks has elected to use the HID U.ARE.U Camera Identification System for a number of commendable features. These include its top-ranked performance and accuracy as rated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), its use of ethically trained AI which helps to reduce matching bias, and its extraordinary ability to detect presentation attacks (PAD) against spoofs.

Additionally, the system incorporates security and privacy due to on-device biometric processing which is easy to configure, leading to faster deployment and return on investment.

In answer to market demand for adaptable, personalised kiosks within the safety and access control space, Olea developed the HYPERMODULAR kiosk. Along with HID’s facial recognition camera, Olea’s kiosk can also accommodate other HID offerings such as ticket and ID document readers, RFID readers, card printers, barcode scanners, and fingerprint scanners within its HYPERMODULAR footprint.

The amalgamation of HID’s facial recognition with Olea’s kiosks provides opportunities for reliable self-service check-in and authentication, the company states. A few examples of possible applications include self-check in at hotels and at airports, self-checkout/payment in retail and hospitality sectors, and patient check-in at healthcare facilities. Other potential applications include bag tag printing and bag drop off at airports, ticketing at theme parks, and VIP customer identification across various sectors.


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