Here are the most popular iPhone models for Android switchers, says report

Earlier this month we saw a report from CIRP showing the percentage of new iPhone buyers coming from Android. Now the firm has released its latest report that reveals what iPhone models Android switchers end up choosing. What’s your guess?

CIRP’s study on the percentage of Android users switching to iOS showed that 13% of new iPhone buyers came from Google’s OS over the last year.

But what iPhones are Android users switching to? The latest data from CIRP for new iPhone purchases in the US says the most popular model(s) have been the iPhone 14/Plus with 26% of Android switchers making that pick over 2023.

Trailing right behind, the iPhone 14 Pro/Max made up 25% of Android switcher purchases.

As shown below, overall, those coming from the Google side aren’t as interested in buying the latest and greatest from Apple as compared to existing iOS users.

Interestingly, on the budget side, 2x the percentage of Android switchers went for an iPhone SE or iPhone 12 in 2023 as existing iPhone customers.

Android switchers iPhone model purchased
via CIRP

CIRP believes that because many Android switchers used to are “coming from less expensive” devices, “legacy iPhones may be a better match for their smartphone budgets. In addition, Android switchers exploring the iOS universe may not feel the need to get the latest and greatest iPhone with the newest features.”

What do you think? Have you recently switched from Android or know someone who has? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Top image by Ben Schoon

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