Artificial Intelligence

Here are the most important Artificial Intelligence innovations to track in 2024

AI’s problems—from bias to copyright to doomerism—will shape the agenda for researchers, regulators, and the public, not just in 2024 but for years to come.

Here’s what to watch out for in 2024. (Come back next year and check how we did.)

1. Customized chatbots

You get a chatbot! And you get a chatbot! In 2024, tech companies that invested heavily in generative AI will be under pressure to prove that they can make money off their products. To do this, AI giants Google and OpenAI are betting big on going small: both are developing user-friendly platforms that allow people to customize powerful language models and make their own mini chatbots that cater to their specific needs.

2. Generative AI’s second wave will be video

A year ago we got the first glimpse of what generative models could do when they were trained to stitch together multiple still images into clips a few seconds long. The results were distorted and jerky. But the tech has rapidly improved.

Runway, a startup that makes generative video models (and the company that co-created Stable Diffusion), is dropping new versions of its tools every few months. Its latest model, called Gen-2, still generates video just a few seconds long, but the quality is striking.

3. AI-generated election disinformation will be everywhere

If recent elections are anything to go by, AI-generated election disinformation and deepfakes are going to be a huge problem as a record number of people march to the polls in 2024.

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