Google prepares users for a new era with Bard-integrated Assistant: Report

In a flurry of changes, Google Assistant is poised for a significant transformation with the integration of its AI chatbot, Bard. Following recent layoffs impacting hundreds of Bay Area employees and the removal of 17 underutilized features from Google Assistant, the tech giant is gearing up to breathe new life into its virtual assistant.

Reports from the Google News Telegram channel suggest that the integration of Bard into Google Assistant could be imminent, with a rollout anticipated as soon as March. In preparation for the launch, Google has purportedly created a dedicated page within the Pixel Tips app to showcase the features of the upcoming Bard-integrated Google Assistant, though this page remains inaccessible to users at present.

The integration is expected to leverage Google’s Gemini family of Large Language Models (LLMs), unveiled last year, to power the enhanced capabilities of the virtual assistant. According to leaked details, users will be able to activate the Bard-enabled Google Assistant using familiar commands such as “Hey Google” or double-tapping the side buttons.

Upon activation, the Bard-enabled Google Assistant is said to offer users multiple input methods, including typing queries using a keyboard, speaking commands aloud, or even providing queries accompanied by images for context. A welcome message shared by 9to5Google suggests that the integrated assistant will assure users of its continued ability to provide hands-free assistance while hinting at its expanding capabilities.

Although Google had previously announced its intention to integrate Bard into Google Assistant, specifics regarding the rollout and features have remained largely undisclosed until now, with leaks offering glimpses into what users can expect from the AI makeover.

As anticipation builds for the forthcoming integration, users and tech enthusiasts alike await further official announcements from Google regarding the transformative changes set to redefine the Google Assistant experience.

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