Google plans to integrate satellite connectivity into messages app

(Web Desk) – Google is actively developing a new feature for its popular Messages app that aims to revolutionize communication by incorporating satellite connectivity.

This innovative feature is designed to allow users to send and receive messages even in areas where traditional mobile networks and internet access are unavailable.

To test and refine this groundbreaking feature, Google has commenced the rollout of a beta version of the Google Messages app.

This beta version not only introduces the satellite messaging capability but also integrates an advanced AI chatbot named Gemini.

Details about the satellite messaging feature were recently uncovered by 9to5Google in the latest beta version of the app, which is labeled as version 20240329_01_RC00.

The functionality of this feature is quite straightforward but impactful. Users will be required to be outdoors with an unobstructed view of the sky to send and receive messages via satellite.

Despite the potential benefits of satellite messaging, there are some limitations and considerations to keep in mind.

Messages transmitted through satellite may experience delays, making the communication process slower compared to conventional messaging methods.

The current version of the feature does not support the transmission of photos and videos, focusing solely on text-based communication.

Google’s efforts to integrate satellite connectivity into the Messages app represent a significant step towards enhancing global communication capabilities.

By allowing users to stay connected in remote and isolated areas, this feature has the potential to make a meaningful impact on how people communicate, especially in regions with limited access to mobile networks and internet services.

The ongoing beta testing of the app, which includes the satellite messaging feature and the Gemini AI chatbot, aims to gather user feedback and make necessary improvements to ensure a seamless and reliable messaging experience for everyone.



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