Google Meet direct calls facility rolled out for enterprise users, no links needed

Google Meet is rolling out a significant update for its enterprise Workspace users, introducing the ability to make direct one-on-one calls without the need for cumbersome links. This feature, previously exclusive to personal users, is now extended to Workspace customers, simplifying communication within organisations.

The primary goal of this update is to streamline and expedite communication between colleagues, eliminating the need for meeting links. Google Meet is making this feature accessible to all enterprise users in the upcoming weeks.

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Elevated Security with Cloud-Encrypted Calls

As part of the update, Workspace users can now engage in cloud-encrypted 1:1 video calls with their colleagues within the organisation, ensuring the utmost security of their data. These calls come equipped with an array of features, including in-meeting chat, visual effects, virtual backgrounds, and live closed captions. The availability of these features may vary depending on the user’s Workspace version, significantly enhancing the video conferencing experience for Google Meet’s enterprise clientele.

Revamped Google Meet App Interface

In addition to the direct calling feature, the Google Meet app receives a subtle yet noteworthy redesign. The account avatar/switcher, previously located in the search bar, has been repositioned, now featuring a “Code” shortcut. The “Start a call” screen is redesigned to offer a more user-friendly experience, with prominent search options for contacts and calling at the top, along with shortcuts for creating links or scheduling calls.

Notably, a grid of suggestions replaces the former lengthy list of contacts, and tapping on a person’s name provides a live preview, enabling users to fine-tune their video feed before initiating the call.

New Feature Accessible to All Enterprise Customers

In the upcoming weeks, the direct 1:1 enterprise calling feature will be accessible to all Google Workspace customers through the new Google Meet app, adorned with a vibrant multicoloured logo. It’s important to note that while this functionality is reminiscent of Google Duo, some features such as group calls, messages, moments, family mode, and others will not be integrated into Google Meet.

This update is poised to significantly enhance communication and collaboration within organisations by facilitating direct calls between colleagues. Google Meet’s commitment to delivering a seamless and secure communication experience continues to evolve, ensuring that businesses and enterprises remain connected in the most efficient way possible.


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