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Google Could Finally Give Us A Flagship Pixel 10 Smartphone To Rival The iPhone 17 In 2025

Google has launched its premium Pixel phones in the market but fair to say these devices were not comparable to other flagships in the range. That situation could change for good very soon as the company is ready to make a big change that can give Pixel phones flagship-grade performance levels.

Most of the Pixel reviews over the years have highlighted issues like device heating up, network issues which have a direct effect on the battery life. Google has relied on Samsung’s Exynos SoC to develop its Tensor chips so far but the Pixel 10 series in 2025 could be its first Tensor chip to be based on the TSMC chip instead.

The details have been sourced through Google’s product roadmap for the next few years in this report. TSMC is renowned for building next-gen chipsets in the market, and counts Apple as one of its closest partners, which gives us the best performance hardware on iPhones and Macs.

Premium But Not Powerful

Google needs a clear product overhaul and switching to TSMC could be the start and refresh that the company needs for the future of its hardware lineup. Even while testing the Pixel 8 Pro flagship model last year, we noticed the gap between its performance and other flagships, some of them costing a lot less than Google’s premium models. To be fair, Samsung seems to have worked out the issues with Exynos to some extent but the levels are still far below the industry standards for a flagship device.

Make It Happen, Google

If Google aspires to compete with the best, it needs to show the levels that match with the Apple’s and Samsung’s in the market. Google has talked about giving 7 years of OS updates which sounds impressive but most people are sceptical about the Pixel hardware making it through that long, TSMC could help alleviate those concerns once and for all.

We are hoping that the switch from Exynos to TSMC does happen next year so that the Pixel 10 lineup could finally stand tall in front of the iPhone 17 and the Samsung Galaxy S26 models in the market.

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