GMC Sierra EV Denali gets range boost while showing off its crab walk

The 2024 GMC Sierra EV is almost here, and to celebrate, the automaker is giving it the gift of more range.

When it was first announced two years ago, GMC said the Sierra EV Denali would get an EPA estimated range of 400 miles, thanks to a massive battery that was expected to top 200kWh. Now, GMC says the electric truck’s maximum range at launch will be actually closer to 440 miles — a staggering amount in the nascent world of electric pickups.

Most electric trucks on the road today struggle to exceed 300 miles of range. Weather, terrain, and road type can also affect range and sap battery life. And once they start doing truck stuff, like hauling or towing, that range can drop even lower. GMC’s claims about the Sierra EV’s range will likely be independently verified once the truck starts deliveries later this summer. (Production was delayed amid the sales growth slowdown.)

But still, it’s a sign that GMC thinks range — and, in particular, lots of range — will be what it takes to win the electric truck wars. EV sales are growing, albeit slower than in previous years, forcing automakers to scramble to find the right sales pitch for new customers. Truck buyers are still up for grabs, though it’s likely that unreliable charging infrastructure and misinformation about EV ownership (especially as the presidential election heats up) will make it more difficult to win over new customers.

GMC also released a few more details about the Sierra EV Denali, which is expected to start at $101,490 (including a $1,995 destination charge).


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