Global health warning as antibiotic-resistant bacteria threatens new crisis | Science | News

A 2022 study by medical journal The Lancet showed that a total of nearly five million people worldwide have died or suffered disease in cases of antimicrobial resistance.

It is not clear if the cause of these deaths was the original pathogen or antibiotic resistance.

The western Sub-Saharan region will be hit the hardest by this deadly threat, Deutsche Welle reported.

However, antibiotic resistance is not confined to developing and emerging in just one country, which means it could pose a threat worldwide.

Many people in middle and low-income countries rely on large corporations’ production of antibiotics, meaning if they no longer research new medicines, the result would be deaths due to lack of medication.

Access to Medicine is urgently calling for new antibiotics and vaccines in response to antibiotic resistance, and they have identified more than 100 countries where such drugs are needed.

Access to Medicine aims to encourage doctors to avoid prescribing antibiotics in large quantities or too often.

Some large corporations have started to share their studies on antibiotic resistance with clinics and researchers – US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has already published raw data from its internal control program.

Still, antibiotic resistance is developing more rapidly than new antibiotics are becoming available, and a threat to our health looms.

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