GitHub woos Bitbucket and Bamboo refugees

GitHub is wooing customers of rival Atlassian who will lose technical support for their server-deployed products for code-hosting and CI/CD, including Bitbucket Server and Bamboo Server. Atlassian is ending support for its server products on February 15, 2024.

GitHub said on September 18 it has launched migration tools to move Atlassian users to GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Actions. The GitHub Enterprise Importer now supports migrations of code, pull requests, comments, and reviews from Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center. The GitHub Actions Importer now supports migrations from any Atlassian CI/CD product including Bitbucket, Bamboo Server, and Bamboo Data Center. To migrate a repository, developers can install GitHub’s extension for the GitHub CLI and then run the gh bbs2gh migrate-repo command.

Citing its mission to build a “world-class cloud experience,” Atlassian in October 2020 announced it would discontinue support for server products. Since then, millions have migrated from server and data center to cloud offerings, Atlassian said on September 12. Atlassian offers a Cloud Migration Trial program for server customers.

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