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Get up to 23% off Tile trackers in Amazon’s Big Spring sale

3Tile Pro attached to keys.

As part of the Amazon Big Spring sale, Amazon has a huge sale on Tile trackers with up to 23% off select models. The sale means you can buy tile trackers from just $42 so this is the ideal time to secure your devices more carefully. If you’re keen to learn more, keep reading while we take you through some recommendations or you can tap the button below to see the full Tile sale for yourself.

What to shop for in the Amazon Tile tracker sale

Tile makes some of the best Bluetooth trackers around with the Tile Mate being the biggest highlight. Right now, you can buy a

for $56 so you’re saving 20% off the regular price of $70. The Tile Mate can be attached to everyday things as varied as your keys or your backpack. Once attached, you can use the Tile app to ring your Tile when it’s within Bluetooth range, or you can use the app to view its most recent location on a map. You can also use it to find your phone by simply double-pressing the button to make your phone ring. It’s perfect if you’re prone to misplacing items regularly.

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When we looked at the differences between the Apple AirTag and Tile Tags, we appreciated the variety in models. For instance, you can buy a

for $80 instead of $100. The tags offer a huge range of up to 400 feet while the streamlined shape fits more comfortably on luggage than the basic Tiles. It’s perfect for a more advanced need for tagging.

If you want something simpler, check out the

for $44 instead of $55. As the name suggests, you can stick it to anything. The suggestion is to use it for remotes, headphones, or chargers — those items that are very easily misplaced. It has a great range of up to 250 feet and you can easily use the app to ring it any time it’s within range so it has all the key features of a typical Tile tracker.

These are just a few of the items in the Tile Tracker sale at Amazon, so we recommend you hit the button below to see the full sale for yourself. If you’re keen to keep your items more secure and less prone to wandering, check it out now before you miss out on a great discount.

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