Future CX and DerSecure Forge Pioneering Partnership in Tech Security

In a recent development, Future CX Pty Ltd, a prominent player in Blockchain, AI, and Web3 technologies, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with DerSecure, a renowned entity specializing in application security. This strategic alliance signifies a transformative phase in the realm of blockchain and cloud service security, amalgamating Future CX’s cutting-edge expertise in blockchain and AI with DerSecure’s formidable security capabilities.


A Trailblazing Journey:


Established in 2019, Future CX has been reshaping the technological landscape, pushing the boundaries of innovation from Sydney to Colombo. Renowned for its visionary approach to Blockchain and AI, the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the world through these technologies is now on the brink of realization. Their distinctive Bethel technology, coupled with a focus on sustainability and customer-centric service, distinguishes them in a competitive technology landscape.


Diverse Service Offerings:


Fueled by an unwavering dedication to innovation, Future CX specializes in a range of cutting-edge services, encompassing decentralized cloud solutions, blockchain consulting, dApp development, smart contract development, custom software development, AI solutions, and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). Additionally, the company engages in cryptocurrency and token development.


On the other end of the spectrum, DerSecure, established in 2011, has held a prominent position in the domain of application security. Their flagship product, DerScanner, stands as a pinnacle of security technology, capable of analyzing both source and binary code. This advanced tool consolidates various security analytics such as SAST, DAST, SCA, and SCS into a user-friendly interface. DerSecure’s team of 70 experts is at the forefront of application security research and development.


Strategic Importance of the Partnership:


Future CX’s CEO, Craig Bricknell, highlighted the strategic significance of this collaboration. He emphasized that DerScanner’s unique capabilities in scrutinizing source and binary code across 36 programming languages represent a crucial step in ensuring maximum security across their blockchain and cloud services.


This partnership is poised to elevate Future CX’s extensive portfolio, spanning decentralized cloud solutions, dApp development, smart contract development, and more. Beyond a mere commitment to securing digital solutions, it embodies a vision for a sustainable and trusted digital future.


DerScanner’s CEO, Dan Chernov, echoed the sentiment, stating that their collaboration with Future CX exemplifies how advanced security technology, like DerScanner, adds value to cloud and blockchain services. He expressed excitement about the growing market interest in AppSec technology.


Beyond Business: A Visionary Confluence:


The collaboration between Future CX and DerSecure transcends a typical business partnership. It is a fusion of shared vision and expertise, representing a commitment to spearheading change in the digital realm. As Future CX advances in the domains of blockchain and AI, the partnership with DerSecure signifies a crucial milestone, marking the convergence of innovation and security that sets new standards in the tech industry.


Moving forward, their focus remains on delivering cutting-edge, visionary solutions that not only meet current demands but also anticipate and shape the future of technology. This collaboration stands as a convergence of two visionary entities, establishing a new benchmark for security, reliability, and innovation in the tech industry.


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