Fishing Dragnet is the Best Skill-Based Game

We present an exciting FISHING DRAGNET game for gamblers who want a new experience. This is a shooter where you can play for money. The player will not have to spin the reels but conduct exciting spearfishing and shooting of the deep sea inhabitants. Each trophy will bring a certain amount to the player’s moneybox. But you have to demonstrate considerable agility if you want to get a prize.

What is the Fishing Dragnet?

You immediately plunge into the depths of the ocean after loading the page. These depths are full of life in all their intricate diversity. High-quality graphics contribute to immersion, and Full HD format allows you to appreciate the result of high-class designers’ work fully. And although the eyes want to stop at this beautiful moment, the hand is already reaching for the start button.

The creators of this game took as a basis those machines that delighted us in childhood, unlike traditional slots. Does anyone remember the iconic Sea Battle and Doublet? Such machines were usually installed in the galleries of shopping centers or arcades in the United States. They gave the first name to such types of attractions and then to the genre of computer games. FISHING DRAGNET combines an arcade shooter with gambling for money, and it is genuinely a new word in both gambling and the gaming industry.

Here you will find a regular field with pay lines and a spin button. Instead of the usual rotation of the reels to get a combination, the player becomes a member of spearfishing. Each shot can bring bonus points in case of luck. The adventure is not inferior to slots, roulette, keno, poker, and other traditional entertainment that a casino can offer because the outcome is not clear until the end of the game.

Features of the Game

The speed of mastering the process is facilitated by a highly thoughtful and very convenient user interface. Despite the gambling essence and the opportunity to win money, the gameplay can be called somewhat meditative because it looks so smooth and relaxing.

It will not be difficult to delve into the rules, even if it seems complex at first glance:

  • each shot is a bet;
  • you can change the size of the bet using the «Bullet Cost» button;
  • several hunters (4, 6, 8 or 10) can participate at the same time;
  • each of the participants chooses a gun for themselves or uses the «Auto-select» function;
  • the shooter directs the cursor sight and fires a shot using the mouse;
  • each of the inhabitants of the deep is a multiplier that increases the bet by the corresponding number of times when it hits.

It must be noted that other shooters in the same session are not rivals. Each participant in the round will receive earned points that will turn into money. The participation of several hunters simultaneously is intended to bring a competitive element and spur excitement. The opportunity to invite friends to the game and share the joys of exciting spearfishing looks attractive.

Additional Features of the Game

In addition to ordinary fish, crabs, and shellfish, you can also meet rarer inhabitants of the depths, revealing unusual opportunities for the «diver,» including:

  • Medusa emits a high-voltage discharge that hits other ocean inhabitants after death.
  • Bomb Crab that explodes on impact, hitting all fish in a specific area.
  • Sea dragon gives big winnings, the size of which can reach 200.
  • Turtle increases the existing winnings from 2 to 20 times.
  • Laser Crab carries a cannon, affecting everyone in the path of the beam.
  • Crab drill is almost the same as a laser, with the difference that the drill is reflected from the edges of the screen, being an underwater weapon of mass destruction.
  • Firestorm is similar to free spins in slots — the player gets up to 60 free shots.
  • Golden Crab brings winnings up to 500 times the bet.
  • Dragon Jackpot gives the amount of money indicated on the dragon’s back when you defeat it.
  • The red bag is the same as the dragon jackpot; only the amount here is unknown before hitting.
  • Magnetic bomb attracts nearby marine life to itself and then explodes, writing trophies to the player’s balance.
  • Whirlwind fish acts like a magnetic bomb but has a larger pull radius.

You can rely on the help of artificial intelligence using the «Automatic guidance» function if you do not have much experience in arcade games. The player can only press the fire button, and aiming will take over the computer. You can activate «Automatic guidance» at any time by clicking on the right mouse button or the corresponding icon of the game interface.

After pressing the settings button (a symbol in the form of a traditional stylized gear wheel), the following actions become available:

  • turning sound on and off;
  • change of position at the gaming table (the ability to choose another gun);
  • the paytable for each fish, jellyfish, or shellfish;
  • a list of particular inhabitants of the deep with a detailed description of the opportunities they open;
  • tutorial mode — it is a guide to the game interface, explaining the purpose of each button on the screen.

The developers have made learning the rules and gameplay as comfortable as possible. You can enjoy the game from the first minutes despite the apparent complexity.

Fishing Dragnet is a gambling arcade game. It is a real find for those bored with traditional casino fun and looking for a completely new experience. A distinctive feature is that the result depends not only on the random number generator but also on the acquired skills, agility, and craftsmanship.

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