Find bargains at 4 thrift stores, consignment shops near Brockton

BROCKTON — With the cost of just about everything soaring, Brockton residents are finding crafty ways to stay fashionable by thrifting without breaking their budget or hurting the environment.

Some may find shopping for secondhand clothes an out-of-this-world concept, but for others, it’s what keeps them afloat as fashionistas.

Nice clothes can be inexpensive, and you never know what you’ll find with thrifting. I’ve found designer clothes, including Dior, at a thrift store, and the best part about them was that they were authentic.

People are getting rid of clothes daily due to their extreme fast fashion habits of shopping weekly or periodically for special occasions and vacations.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping in the Brockton area.

Looking for something fancy for a formal event? Well, stop by The Designer Diva Boutique and Consignment in Abington to choose from a large array of items and explore what this unique shop has to offer, including prom dresses, wedding dresses, bridal gear, fringe jackets, cute graphic t-shirts, skirts, cowboy boot and more. The boutique isn’t like your average thrift store. It has an elevated feel for secondhand shopping.

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Chic Boutique — 1440 Pleasant St., Bridgewater

The name says it all. Chic Boutique in Bridgewater is shaping the way people view thrifting, from their modern looks to the beautiful designs in store, you will be amazed this is a secondhand shopping experience. The business sells trendy new and like-new items. They also sell designer items and take the time to authenticate them. You can find accessories, dresses, tops, vests, jackets, athleisure and resort wear all in one place. Chic Boutique is not a place where you can find an outfit for $20, but it is an excellent place to find things you would typically find at Nordstrom.

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Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles runs a consignment store for children’s toys, clothes and maternity clothes for expecting mothers. The group is a statewide non-profit support network for families of multiple birth children. You can sign up for parenting boots camps and attend support groups. The kicker is that maternity clothes are 50% off their sales price every Monday. The business started after the owners were expecting twins and didn’t get much support from the groups they participated in, so they started their own organization to give the community the tools and resources they desperately needed.

Savers — 2035 Washington St., Hanover

What’s thrifting without stopping at Savers? This is a chain thrift store, but this is where I always find my best items, from slacks to work pants, tops and skirts. You might have to dig deep and search for hours, but you might just find something worth bragging about. Savers has several locations, but my favorite one would have to be in Rhode Island. The prices are cheap, which gives you room to shop around and pile your cart high.


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