Facebook and Instagram Plan to Label All AI-Generated Images

The Threat of AI-Generated Images

The idea of AI-generated images seems pretty harmless at first glance, particularly when you’re just using it to photoshop yourself in front of unicorn. But the reality is that this kind of technology has a lot of potentially nefarious uses — from disinformation to outright harassment — that could lead to some serious consequences.

Even worse, Meta’s attempt to combat the potential threat of AI-generated images, it may not be enough. Experts have noted that these kinds of labeling systems are far from perfect when it comes to getting it right.

“They may be able to train their detector to be able to flag some images specifically generated by some specific models. But those detectors can be easily evaded by some lightweight processing on top of the images, and they also can have a high rate of false positives. So I don’t think that it’s possible for a broad range of applications.” – Soheil Feizi, director of the Reliable AI Lab at the University of Maryland told the BBC.

This is certainly a step in the right direction, particularly if Meta can get a technical standard in place to actually impact the rest of the internet in regard to this problem. Still, the threat of AI-generated images looms large in the future of the web.


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