Artificial Intelligence

Explores AI’s Impact on Design Engineering

We’ve all seen the tremendous We’ve all seen the tremendous effect that the growth of artificial intelligence is having on many aspects of society, including retail, factory automation, engineering, and even music and the arts. But how are AI tools helping us be more productive? What can they do and not do? And above, how is AI affecting our livelihoods?

On Thursday, April 21st at  2 PM, Design News will do a deep dive into how artificial intelligence is affecting tasks near and dear to our viewership: design engineering. We are hosting a webinar titled, “How Can Artificial Intelligence Support Engineering,” sponsored by Launchpad and Siemens Industry Software Inc. The webinar will examine the AI tools that support engineering projects and the most pressing hardware and software challenges in advancing AI.

Some potential topics the webinar will delve into include how AI and machine learning algorithms are increasing productivity in data- and labor-intensive tasks such as simulation and PC board layout. We will try to uncover how AI is helping engineers speed time-to-market as well as providing added flexibility in doing design iterations for complex tasks.

The webinar also hopes to look into what challenges engineers face in integrating AI into engineering workflows, as well as how human knowledge can be integrated with AI to ensure product quality while improving productivity.

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The data-intensive nature of AI has created a fierce competition among semiconductor makers to design and produce faster  chips, particularly GPUs. We will examine what hardware changes loom to meet AI demand.

Our webinar speakers are Yoav Zinger, CEO  of Launchpad Build, and Dale Tutt, Vice President of Industry Strategy for Siemens Digital Industry Software. Both are playing key roles at their respective companies deploying AI to meet future engineering challenges.

Please join us for this important webinar by registering at the link below.


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