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Emergency alert test could reveal domestic violence safe phones

If you are in an unsafe domestic situation, you may want to consider completely powering down your devices before the emergency alert test.

People in unsafe domestic situations should be aware that the nationwide emergency alert test scheduled for Wednesday afternoon could reveal any hidden devices, such as cellphones, in the home, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office warned.

The sheriff’s office stated people in that situation should consider completely turning off their devices before the nationwide emergency alert test scheduled for 2:20 p.m. Wednesday when cellphones, TVs, radios and other devices will erupt with loud tones to get your attention. Besides tones, the devices may also vibrate, the sheriff’s office stated.

“For those in unsafe domestic situations and other vulnerable individuals using secondary devices, it is important to consider that this alert could accidentally disclose the presence of any hidden devices at home. If you are in this situation, you should completely power down your device before tomorrow,” the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office stated in its release.


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