E& enterprise launches Sustainability Consultancy Programme at COP28

Abu Dhabi: e& enterprise today announced the launch of the ‘Sustainability Consultancy Programme’ in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to corporate responsibility. The programme was unveiled during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28).

This initiative is designed to catalyse corporate environmental and social responsibility by providing a free sustainability consultancy, leading to a GHG assessment of their businesses, to the first eight organisations who wish to be part of the programme and meet the qualification criteria. To further extend the programme’s impact, other 15 companies will be selected and offered preferential rates. 

“Our launch of the Sustainability Consultancy Programme is not just an initiative; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. This programme is an extension of e&’s overarching mission to champion global climate action and sustainable economic growth,” said Salvador Anglada, CEO of e& enterprise. “We believe in leading by example, and this programme is a testament to our dedication towards creating a positive environmental impact. By empowering businesses with the tools and knowledge to reduce their carbon footprint, we are taking a significant step towards a more sustainable world.”

The Sustainability Consultancy Programme offers a comprehensive approach to GHG management, starting with the development of a detailed GHG Inventory covering Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. The process includes defining the GHG Accounting Boundaries for each scope, collecting and, where necessary, estimating the relevant data for Scopes 1 and 2.

For Scope 3, the programme involves screening and prioritising the most relevant categories out of 15, based on the customer’s supply chain. Following the compilation of the inventory, the programme shifts focus to establishing reduction targets. It identifies emission hotspots, proposes potential emission reduction scenarios, and collaborates with internal stakeholders to finalise these targets. The programme further supports participants through the SBTi validation process, including submission assistance and support.

Lastly, it develops a roadmap and recommends best practices and initiatives to help the customer meet their emission reduction targets, aligning with the trajectory towards sustainability. This structured methodology empowers participating companies to reinforce their environmental commitments and pursue strategic, sustainable growth.

This programme is enhanced by the inclusion of a one-month trial of Microsoft Sustainability Manager, a flexible, extensible solution that enables organisations to record, report, and reduce their environmental impact across their operations and value chain. Additionally, the programme includes a one-month trial of WWG’s G17Eco platform, which features 30 ESG metrics and AI-powered sustainability disclosure.

The programme also offers companies numerous strategic benefits by enhancing their commitment to environmental stewardship, ensures regulatory compliance, and aids in identifying emission reduction opportunities. This leads to operational efficiencies, cost savings, and enhances the company’s brand image. These assessments are not just about meeting environmental obligations but are strategic tools that contribute to long-term success and a competitive advantage.

Simon Pickup, Managing Director Anthesis Middle East said: “The world of sustainability, ESG, Net Zero and reporting is complex; guidance and support are critical enablers to driving change in our rapidly changing world. We are pleased to be working in partnership with e& enterprise on its Sustainability Consultancy Programme, designed to help organisations successfully progress from the initial phase of understanding their impact to implementing long-term value creation strategies.”

Manjula Lee, CEO and Founder of World Wide Generation said: “WWG is beyond thrilled that e& enterprise’s sustainability as a service will be powered by the G17Eco platform. We look forward to welcoming onboard 20 companies from the UAE and Saudi Arabia to trial Company Tracker’s ability to map, monitor, measure, manage, and market their sustainability performance end-to-end in a standardised, streamlined, and digitised way. Equally, we can’t wait to help companies gain greater access to better liquidity and win clients both locally and globally by being able to prove their sustainability credentials!”

The e& enterprise sustainability consultancy programme has garnered endorsements from prominent organisations, including Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, Saudi Exchange, Anthesis, and World Wide Generation, affirming its credibility and impact in advancing sustainability efforts.

Aligned with the UAE’s Net Zero by 2050 and Saudi Arabia Net Zero 2060 strategic initiatives, this programme by e& enterprise underlines the nation’s commitment to becoming the first in the MENA region to achieve net-zero emissions, resonating with the global climate objectives set forth in the Paris Agreement.

Companies interested in joining this transformative journey and contributing to a sustainable future are encouraged to explore further and apply through the dedicated programme website of e& enterprise. 

For further details and application procedures, companies can visit: https://www.eandenterprise.com/en/campaigns/sustainability-consultancy-program.html


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